What Additional Things Can GlobalRisk community Do For You?

One's own creativity can go only so far, and some days it depends on  many factors like whether you had a good cup of coffee in the morning or how was the weather outside.

Over the past months I have built and grew GlobalRisk community, but right now I’m feeling a little short on ideas.

That's where I want to ask for your help.

Please let me know what additional things  GlobalRisk community can do for you that will help you solve your business challenges, improve your efficiency and provide you with more and better services.

To send your ideas, just reply on this discussion.

That will make it easy to track the ideas and to communicate with you about them.

Anything goes. No idea is too small or simple to mention. I'd like to have a collective brainstorm with you.

Your ideas matter to us.

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I like to know more about how banks are going to operate after the crisis?

New regulation will require banks:

1. Less leverage;
2. Higher quality of capital (usually more costly);
3. More conservative (More restrictive criteria);

How banks continue to be profitable and to grow? How financial service industry going to evolve under more restriction and supervision.

I am talking about the future of the financial service industry. Although it is a quit big topic, I think we can still try to figure this out from the following perspectives:
- More efficient operation process?
- More customized service?

Will the indsutry be separated into pure investment and commercial bank again?


- Anyway to improve the op
Agree with this.. Furthering the idea, basic training on frameworks and tools as well.

Øystein Amundrud said:
Suggestion: Survey of software tools available for (Enterprise) Risk management and risk analysis.
Also: Collection of methods for presenting a risk picture / risk visualization techniques.
Thanks, Øystein

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