Risk people living in the Netherlands or feeling like going Dutch are welcome here. You can communicate both in Dutch and in English. The idea is to create a local community, organize events and discuss issues specific to the Dutch market.
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Who is Who in DutchRisk community

Dear group members. Please find a link to the Who is Who spreadsheet, which you can edit with your name, your area of expertise and your propositions on issues you wish to discuss. (You can do it in Dutch as well).

The idea is to organize us in a group that can discuss issues facing Risk practitioners, invite distinguished speakers, make recommendations both to decision making organizations and to industry parties.

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Banking Risk and Regulation

I am leading an executive level Forum on Banking Risk & Regulation, which will take place in London on 7 - 9 Feb 2012 (see www.banking-risk-regulation.com) and would like to know what members feel are the critical challenges for 2012? For example, is it the wider economy, the Euro, the banking crisis, the role of risk managers (and Boards)...?Your comments appreciatedBRR-2012-Brochure.pdf

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DutchRisk Community kick off event, Wednesday 16 February

More than 20 people took part in the kick off event (see all presentations and pictures attached below in the comments) The final agenda: Reception:   18:30-19:15 Boris Agranovich: Introduction   19:15 – 19:30  Gerard van Vliet: Icesave drama 19:30 – 20:00               Q&A                               20:00 – 20:10 Robert Hart   ERM implement.     20:15 – 20: 40               Q&A                               20:40 – 20:50 Walter Hendriks  HiFreq.             20:55 – 21:20               Q&A  …

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Icesave the Real Story. Gerard van Vliet deposited his savings in an Icesave account and lost it within 6 weeks! It made him a risk expert and an angry 'wasp' for all authorities

Gerard van Vliet, leader of over 250 savers who had more than € 100,000 in the Icelandic savings bank Icesave when it collapsed 2 years ago, and Dadi Rafnsson investigative journalist from Iceland are working on a book about the Icesave-bankruptcy. Gerard is a member of the GlobalRisk community and he is interested to see your reaction to this discussion. Gerard van Vliet himself is one of the victims of the collapse of Landsbanki branch Icesave. The Amersfoorter deposited aconsiderable sum for…

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Intreview with mr. Khalid Sheikh, international consultant and former SVP at ABN AMRO

1.     Could you please describe your career, especially in risk management?  I started on the credit risk side and more specifically on country risk matters and the frontrunner of Basel II. The essence was to being prepared to a new world, which was more dynamic and as a consequence more uncertain. This was a time of growth and expansion into new territories and in some cases uncharteredterritories. One principle focus was to liaise with the business to support them where necessary to be…

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