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Thank you for joining the Group. Just to kick off the Dutch group I would like to ask you some questions

On what issues are you working right now?


What do you expect to get from this community?

What issues do you want to discuss with other DutchRisk Community members?

Would you like to contribute to the community in time and effort?

What are your suggestions on how to improve the community website?

What are your suggestions on how to move forward as a community of professionals?


The idea is that we can build stronger relationships for knowledge sharing, get new business, help each other, meet from time to time, invite distinguished speakers, discuss issues and provide recommendations to both industry and regulatory bodies. 

Feel free to ask your questions and generate ideas, We can facilitate many things using both this platform and the human capital of our members. 

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  • At the moment I try to get a btter understanding of policy risk. What are the effects of misguided policy actios. For example, who is the sovereign in the case of a default of Greece. The ill-managed actions of the EC have created a situation in my opinion where the EC or ECB is de facto the sovereign. Also policy measure taken in addition to Basel3 to cut the wings of the banks will have an impact. Here we also are in unchartered waters.

    I would like to have an open discussion on what is happening in the market and what the experiences are from the members.
    Also to work together with some colleagues in formulation and publishing a viewpoint.

    Topics to be discussed:
    . a dual currency regime a northern and a southern euro
    . default of triple A sovereigns
    . how should the financial system look like in 2020
    . are current mitigation tools effective to pre-empt unexpected losses


    references to other links with interesting articles
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