Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Taking a reactive approach to risk management means we are captive to limited thinking.This blog was prompted by a question from a participant in the webinar I ran with Camms Group last month on Risk Reporting: How to Provide Summary in Detail. The…
Oct 13
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Organisations that have a low level of maturity when it comes to risk-based decision making have a lot of untapped potential. The explanation is in the tag line to my latest book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty.…
Oct 5
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I got the term “summary in detail” from a fantastic client of mine who I worked with for near on a decade. We were presenting a risk profile in a meeting and at one end of the table someone was complaining about the amount of detail. At the other…
Sep 28
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Hard choices slow us down. Last week I wrote about ensuring staff understand the organisation’s appetite for risk to speed up decision making. I have also been heard to say that helping organisations articulate their appetite for risk is one of the…
Sep 21
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
No, not yours, your organisation’s!When I engage with senior leaders on their appetite for risk, I talk about embedding it in the DNA of the organisation. Why? Because it is critical for organisational agility.Decision support tools, like risk…
Sep 14
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
“It’s like selling ice to Eskimos” is a great saying. If you are not familiar with it, it is used to explain that something is very hard to sell. On the other hand, the saying “He/she could sell ice to Eskimos” means they are a very, very good…
Sep 7
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I have long been speaking about painting pictures to influence others. One of the great things that has come out of the pandemic has been the successful shift to online learning and online facilitating that so many of us have made. In the online…
Sep 2
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Four years ago I wrote about Implementing in the Dark. In it I pointed out that the scorecard for executive teams when it comes to major, strategic decisions is pretty poor. With fail rates estimated between 40 and 50%.I went on to say that much of…
Aug 24
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Process control has a very specific meaning in the chemical industry. It refers to the system used for controlling a chemical plant. All the various instruments on pumps, vessels, reactors, heat exchangers and the like feed into the control room…
Jul 27
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Next week I am hosting a roundtable discussion on the future of risk frameworks. I am uncertain as to what may be discovered, however, what I do know is that the topic is of interest. The seats filled fast, and I had a number of my readers send me a…
Jul 20
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Last week I had leadership expert Ingrid Messner present on Wise Leadership to my Risk Leadership group. One of her leadership tips on influencing stakeholders was to apply systems thinking. To develop a mental model of all the pieces of the puzzle…
Jul 13
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
You have probably heard the risk function being called an enabling function. Because it is. It helps the main producing areas of the business to be more successful. When I present to executive teams to give them a picture of enterprise risk…
Jul 6
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
A key goal for the design of any organisational framework should be to integrate it into business-as-usual. So that it is simply “how things are done around here”. Especially for a risk framework.Risk management, not risk taking, still suffers from…
Jun 29
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
When I run training for the development of risk frameworks, I ask participants to hold up their hand if they have a framework that is more than a couple of pages. I ask them to keep their hand up if it’s more than 10 pages, 20, 50 and I keep going…
Jun 22
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
A couple of months back I wrote about how your staff come to work and bring their best selves (mostly). However, each ‘best self’ can have a different appetite for risk taking, and that means inconsistency in decision making. Sometimes, alarming…
Jun 15
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Since February I have been sending you messages from my book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty. In the penultimate chapter of the book, Chapter 11: The Pathways to Success, I describe the journey of a risk practitioner…
Jun 8

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