Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
When you want to make a key point to a senior leader, a story is often the secret sauce you will need for it to land. Last week I wrote about the effect of the environment people find themselves in based on their willingness, or not, to take a risk…
Nov 14
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Aug 17, 2023 at 4:00

Online via Zoom

Jul 24
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Do you arrange trysts with the People and Culture (P&C) team? A tryst being a secret meeting between lovers 🙂Or are your meetings with the P&C team specifically intended to discuss enterprise risks that they are responsible for, such as the ongoing…
Jun 22
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Pretty soon I am publishing a book of my blogs of the last three years (click here to secure an invitation to the book launch) and one of my team (my wife Jacquie) pointed out that out of all the blogs, only one  of them focuses on risk assessment.…
May 30
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I have written multiple times about risk frameworks, such as Great Frameworks: Another Bigger is not Better while always talking about embedding risk into business-as-usual or BAU.One thing I have not focused on that was highlighted for me this past…
May 2
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
That’s what I do as I present the risk appetite methodology agreed with management to the board. It’s always one of those moments. It lands and they love it or…The more I’ve pondered, the more I’ve come to realise that the organisation’s maturity…
Apr 4
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
“How to attract talent into the risk industry?” was another question posed by one of my readers from my survey back in February. An interesting question. Before answering it I want to answer a different question, “What talent should we be attracting…
Mar 21
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Is there a systemic process to continually review and revise “top risks”? This question was asked by a respondent to my survey last month on the topics of most interest to my readers like you. My answer finishes off a series of blogs on Risk…
Mar 15
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Cripes! How long have we known of, and not delivered on, the value of KRIs? Whether reporting to the Audit and Risk Committee (ARCs) or to the full Board KRIs should add plenty of extra value. This is what I wrote in a LinkedIn post in 2016 with a…
Mar 7
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Board reporting is the logical follow on from my blog last week on reporting to Audit and Risk Committees (ARCs).The “reportable offences” I am talking about this week stem from the type of reporting that is often inflicted on boards from risk and…
Feb 28
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Audit and Risk Committees (ARCs) are the topic today in response to a request from a respondent to my recent survey on your preferences on what you would like me to blog about. I am moving on from the strategy for your enterprise risk program to…
Feb 21
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who responded to my survey last week on the topics of most interest to you for me to blog about and the type of training you may be seeking. You can give your feedback here (which I would appreciate as the…
Feb 7
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Welcome back to a New Year :)After weeks of quality family time, relaxation, trips away, delicious food and hours of sun (and maybe some golf) I am RECHARGED and ready to take on this year. I hope you are too!I thought the best way to kick off my…
Jan 31
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Confession: I often smile to myself when I come up with subject line for my blog. I did this time :)As a kid, we all understood that Santa was stealthy. The biscuits (cookies to others) left out on the plate along with a glass of sherry devoured by…
Dec 20, 2022
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Another question from my masterclass on “How to run an impactful risk workshop” was:“Have you used or encountered use of a cross-sectional risk methodology e.g. run finance/budget related risk workshops for a department and invite a Finance SME to…
Dec 12, 2022
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
In my blog last week I answered a question which came up during my masterclass on “How to run an impactful risk workshop”, about tackling Risk Management fatigue. Another question was asked during the workshop concerning that finite resource,…
Dec 6, 2022

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