Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Appetite is the “A” word. For many it is a vexed issue (see last week’s blog on the benefits of a Risk Appetite Statement).Operationalisation is the process of translating the board and executive’s appetite for doing business. As is the preference…
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Unfortunately, I am still often talking to executives or board members who are skeptical about the value of documenting their risk appetite. I point out to them that in the absence of a properly thought through and compiled risk appetite statement,…
Jun 14
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Last week I promised you an example of my Pathfinder Model in action. I’ll do better than that, here’s a link to three examples in Chapter 8 in my book Persuasive Advising: How to Turn Red Tape into Blue Ribbon. One describes a scenario for a risk…
Jun 7
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Taxes are a necessary burden. However, many risk professionals carry an unnecessary burden that is withholding them. The burden of silence.
For any staff member to call something out, or even to voice disagreement with senior leaders, they need to…
May 31
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Short on time? Go to the end to find out what “rewarding risk” is all about.I’m blogging on accountability at the top for risk. Last week I led off with the story of Val King and her experience of risk appetite being an avenue to increase…
May 24
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I’ve been speaking to a range of people recently about how to drive accountability for risk management across organisations. More on this coming – watch this space. Interestingly however is sometimes creating accountability starts bottom-up and not…
May 17
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Recently I had one of those tickly moments in a risk workshop I was facilitating. I heard the words: “We can’t put that up!”The risk was being assessed inconveniently high. As I have written and spoken about many times before, one of our jobs as…
May 10
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
If you’re an avid reader of my blog you would have noticed over the last six weeks that I’ve been writing about the importance and skill of facilitating valuable risk workshops. I’ve also had the pleasure recently of hosting a couple of free…
May 3
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
The workshop is over. The hard work is done. The Chair, CEO or team leader has taken you aside and thanked you for such an enlightening workshop. Job done!No, it’s not.The last thing you need to do is make sure you are helping the team with…
Apr 26
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
The more prepared you are the better you will facilitate. The less likely you will vacillate at a difficult moment.Regardless, the ability to effectively facilitate a workshop is a wonderful skill to develop. When I facilitate I concentrate on three…
Apr 19
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Over the last few weeks, I have encouraged you to look at risk workshops as pathways to creating clarity for teams about what is between them and success. Sensemaking or making sense of the world.The secret to successful risk workshops is the…
Apr 12
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Sensemaking. This is the answer to my question last week about why risk workshops should deliver the success your audience craves. Yes, they identify risks to help us understand the uncertainty surrounding the objectives we wish to achieve. However,…
Apr 5
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I’ve seen it in their eyes when there is a suggestion that we run a risk workshop.For starters, they (board, executive, team) are very busy people. They have much to achieve, they have a good plan, they have good robust discussions, including about…
Mar 29
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
The biggest thrill I get in my role guiding organisations to develop stronger and stronger approaches to risk based decision making is when I run a risk workshop. In particular, for an executive team or board. In those moments they place their trust…
Mar 22
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Every change management challenge needs to be aware of, and harness, change agents. Those people that can most influence or implement the changes required. In the risk space they are often referred to as risk champions.
I wrote an article on risk…
Mar 14
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I tried something different last week. I posted a “musing” on LinkedIn. It was an excerpt from my book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty that read“Risk management isn’t rocket science. It’s about managing uncertainty.…
Mar 8

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