Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Recently I was discussing scenario planning with a small group of colleagues from the risk profession. I asked what scenario planning they or their organisation did. The answers were generally around dramatic changes that could happen in the next 12…
Dec 14, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Over the last few months, I have been doing some non-risk work with a government agency. When I say non-risk work, they have engaged me not as a risk expert but as an expert in decision making. In part, because of my first book DECIDE: How to Manage…
Dec 7, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
ETU or Expect the Unexpected has never been more apt a saying than over the past 21 months. And, with a wee few headline (ha!) about Omicron to remind us as we start winding down for the calendar year and start planning our 2022… how should we…
Nov 30, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
It’s interesting how so many things scale in unison. In large organisations there is often talk about silos. But silos exist in small organisations as well. Even for my organisation of three. Me, my EA, Paula and my Relationship Manger, Wendy.And as…
Nov 23, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Have you ever thought about why internal advisors such as accountants, lawyers, risk managers, auditors, HR managers, IT managers and many other back-of-house advisors struggle to ensure their advice is heeded by the business leaders they are…
Nov 16, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
My first Poo Poo the Poo Poo-ers blog was back in January 2018. I was writing about resistors, the Poo Poo-ers of new ideas because of reading this article from the Harvard Business Review Overcome Resistance to Change with Two Conversations. As it…
Nov 9, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
We are all prone to impulsiveness at different times. Sometimes that can lead to one hell of a fun ride and other times it can lead to regret.
For a no regrets lifestyle we need to work with our tendency for impulsiveness. In Daniel Kahnemann’s book…
Nov 4, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Thankfully, when the world went online last year, I was in front of the curve having already run online workshops for some clients. However for obvious reasons the demand for running risk workshops online has increased and I have been upping my game…
Oct 26, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
This week I’m sharing my paper ‘Selling Resilience’ with you that I wrote for those who understand the benefits of building resilience to enshrine organisational value and know that convincing the unenlightened is often hard to do. You see some…
Oct 21, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Taking a reactive approach to risk management means we are captive to limited thinking.This blog was prompted by a question from a participant in the webinar I ran with Camms Group last month on Risk Reporting: How to Provide Summary in Detail. The…
Oct 13, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Organisations that have a low level of maturity when it comes to risk-based decision making have a lot of untapped potential. The explanation is in the tag line to my latest book Risky Business: How Successful Organisations Embrace Uncertainty.…
Oct 5, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I got the term “summary in detail” from a fantastic client of mine who I worked with for near on a decade. We were presenting a risk profile in a meeting and at one end of the table someone was complaining about the amount of detail. At the other…
Sep 28, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
Hard choices slow us down. Last week I wrote about ensuring staff understand the organisation’s appetite for risk to speed up decision making. I have also been heard to say that helping organisations articulate their appetite for risk is one of the…
Sep 21, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
No, not yours, your organisation’s!When I engage with senior leaders on their appetite for risk, I talk about embedding it in the DNA of the organisation. Why? Because it is critical for organisational agility.Decision support tools, like risk…
Sep 14, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
“It’s like selling ice to Eskimos” is a great saying. If you are not familiar with it, it is used to explain that something is very hard to sell. On the other hand, the saying “He/she could sell ice to Eskimos” means they are a very, very good…
Sep 7, 2021
Bryan Whitefield posted a blog post
I have long been speaking about painting pictures to influence others. One of the great things that has come out of the pandemic has been the successful shift to online learning and online facilitating that so many of us have made. In the online…
Sep 2, 2021

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