Christine Thomas posted blog posts
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Banks are continually exposed to many risks, including credit, market, operational, liquidity, and reputational risks. Financial losses, reputational harm, and even bank failure can result from failing to manage these risks. As a result, banks must…
Mar 9
Christine Thomas posted blog posts
Mar 7
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Third-party risk management (TPRM) is crucial to any risk management plan. It entails recognizing, analyzing, and mitigating risks connected with third-party connections, including those with suppliers, vendors, contractors, or partners. TPRM is…
Mar 2
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Regulatory change management software automates the procedures, documentation, and analytics necessary to keep firms up to speed with the latest regulatory changes. This software detects new regulatory changes and initiates business operations to…
Mar 1
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Financial services are heavily regulated, and financial firms face new regulatory problems daily. Financial firms must negotiate a fast-shifting regulatory framework in 2023, including the influence of developing technology, geopolitical conflicts,…
Feb 24
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Effective risk management is critical to every organization's succession planning in today's fast-changing digital environment. The potential for risk and the necessity for comprehensive risk management processes have risen as organizations…
Feb 21
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
The process of recording, assessing, and implementing regulatory changes inside an organization to guarantee compliance with the applicable regulations and laws is known as regulatory change management. Regulatory change management is integral to…
Feb 16
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
The process of ensuring financial institutions comply with changing regulatory standards issued by governing authorities like financial regulation agencies, central banks, and governments is known as regulatory change management in financial…
Feb 14
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Financial institutions use Enterprise Risk Management software to efficiently identify, analyze, and manage risk exposure. It gives a unified perspective of all the risks a company is exposed to and tools for monitoring, analyzing, and managing…
Feb 9
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Emerging risks, such as cyber-attacks, natural catastrophes, and regulatory changes, can have severe consequences for financial institutions and their enterprise risk management plans. Such dangers can lead to operational interruptions, the loss of…
Feb 7
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Risk Management (RM) is a larger domain and a standard procedure that assists organizations in understanding what risks exist, what is subject to those risks, what controls exist for such risks, and then determining whether the present controls are…
Jan 26
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Policy and procedure management is crucial for every firm since it helps reduce risk, accomplish regulatory compliance, and regulate how the staff does things to increase efficiency, but it comes with some serious issues. Policy management software…
Jan 13
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Several businesses use regulatory change management technology to enhance their current Regulatory Change Management (RCM) procedures and processes. Regulatory Technology, on the other hand, extends beyond just accelerating a few operations, and it…
Jan 12
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Your company might be in danger if working with a third party. If they possess access to confidential information, they may pose a security risk; if they supply a significant factor or service to your company, they may provide risk exposures, and so…
Jan 11
Christine Thomas posted a blog post
Records hamper risk reporting; reports need to pay more attention to numerous critical insights and issues by focusing on history instead of the future. Long before historical data testing finds concerns, utilizing internal and external data for…
Jan 10

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