James McCallum commented on James McCallum's blog post The Yin and Yang of Inflation
"my apologies for the look of the blog..... tried to edit it 4 times by clearing format... this is the best I could do... don't have all day...blog software stinks...."
Jul 21, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
Inflation like all risk is a double edge sword. Its negative nature will upset the apple cart and pose uncomfortable challenges for SME managers that have grown accustomed to the status quo.It will force managers to reconsider their well conceived…
Jul 21, 2014
James McCallum commented on Nic Parmaksizian's blog post It’s Time to Build “The Relevant Bank”
"Great post...
banks need to evolve with the changing market and technological conditions...
its one thing to build a competitive capitalist enterprise
its somewhat a different task in using capital formation to fund development to resuscitate the…"
Jul 15, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
The Hamilton Plan: SME Development Bank (SDB)Over the Labor Day Weekend Sum2 announced The Hamilton Plan. The Hamilton Plan is a ten point program to foster the development of manufacturing in the United States by tapping the entrepreneurial energy…
Jul 15, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
IoTThe world is a great big database and algorithmic wizards and mad data scientists are burning the midnight oil to mine the perplexing infinities of ubiquitous data points. Their goal is to put data to use to facilitate better governance, initiate…
Jul 10, 2014
James McCallum commented on James McCallum's blog post Sustainable Economics
"Thanks Miro,
The social cost of extracting and producing and transporting LNG is not fully accounted for.  The opportunity cost is probably the greatest risk of the aggressive development of LNG.  "
May 16, 2014
James McCallum replied to George A. Loizou's discussion Top Operational Risks for 2014
"Just a quick thank you for the question and the resources links.  We publish risk management apps for SMEs and we are always on the look out for risk factors.  The distinction concerning specificity and generic factors is something we wrestle with.…"
Apr 30, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post

Macroeconomic risks are often overlooked by SME managers when conducting risk assessments. Macro risks like wars, credit crises, market changes and technological disruptions can have catastrophic implications for SMEs.

"...small-medium sized…
Apr 29, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
A few years ago the IRS offered a tax amnesty program for US citizens who failed to declare assets held in foreign bank accounts. This came on the heels of a highly publicized legal action against UBS. The IRS forced the Swiss based bank to turn…
Apr 28, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
Standard & Poor’s cut the Russian Federation sovereign debt credit rating citing the capital flight and risk to investment in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. S&P lowered Russia’s sovereign debt rating from BBB to BBB- placing it one notch above junk…
Apr 25, 2014
James McCallum posted blog posts
Apr 23, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
 Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirement Struck Down Received a timely Good Friday Alert from Nixon Peabody about a recent district court ruling on regulations concerning Conflict Minerals. Conflict minerals are mined in areas where conditions of…
Apr 22, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
The tough conditions in the credit markets require small businesses to communicate and demonstrate their credit worthiness to satisfy exacting credit risk standards of lenders. Credit channels are open and loans are being made but strict federal…
Apr 18, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
I often wonder, what if Basel II capital accords had been in place prior to the Great Recession?  Could the devastating crisis fueled by the serial pops of credit bubbles rumbling through the dismal landscape of G20 principalities been avoided with…
Apr 14, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
It was a hard winter in the US. For weeks on end massive weather fronts would creep across the continent spreading ice storms, howling blizzards and a polar vortex that brought frigid misery to large swaths of the Mid Atlantic States. It seemed…
Apr 12, 2014
James McCallum posted a blog post
Private-sector employment increased by 191,000 during the month of March, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report (NER) released yesterday. The NER suggests a steady, albeit uneven growth of nonfarm private employment since net job…
Apr 3, 2014

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