Jamie Costello posted a blog post
When you run a business, cleanliness and hygiene are highly important. Wherever people are working, there is likely to be mess which accumulates over time, and this is only natural. However, keeping on top of the cleaning and sanitation of your…
Dec 22, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
The Coronavirus outbreak that hit us earlier in the year increased into a pandemic that affected practically every country in the world. As a result, countries had to go into lockdown to prevent the spread of it further. Keeping healthy during these…
Nov 26, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
COVID-19 has been a global issue that has impacted many households across the world. It’s important that everyone tries to be safe during this testing time and does their bit to prevent the spread of the virus. In particular, businesses have been…
Aug 13, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
Coronavirus has impacted all sectors of business, with healthcare and dental care in particular, being heavily influenced by the pandemic outbreak. To prevent the spread of the virus, dental practices have had to close and only provide emergency…
Jul 8, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
Real estate as a whole has been quite a hard hit sector by the pandemic, with dozens of agencies shutting down due to clients cutting down budgets or pausing their services. It's mandatory, at this stage, in fact, to create a working architecture…
Jun 30, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
The impact that Coronavirus has had varies from country to country. Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely to be given different guidelines and advice on how to stop the spread. What is more clear is that fixing the virus isn't as simple as…
May 23, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
Hospitals are considered places in society where patients can feel safe and looked after. This is why mitigating unnecessary risk is a high priority in healthcare organizations. Rules and regulations around risk in healthcare are constantly being…
Apr 20, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
The coronavirus outbreak is unlike anything we have ever experienced and is spreading at a rapid rate. Whilst nations scramble to regain control, business leaders are having to assess their ability to manage the threat it will have on their business…
Mar 24, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
Mobile app development has changed a lot in the past couple of years. The usage of complicated programming languages and automated features which are falling into the big world of Machine and Deep Learning have definitely impacted the way many…
Mar 23, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
In the world of healthcare, risk can be considered one of the biggest dangers to patients. It’s a core element that is considered in the industry to ensure patients remain safe. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely remove risk from any site.…
Mar 19, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
The current pandemic crisis has left many countries in a perilous position. Both governments and businesses alike have been severely unprepared for the pandemic, causing issues across the world. This is because many institutions simply do not have…
Mar 18, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
Bridging finance solutions have been a common go-to for business owners that are looking for quick resolutions. Essentially, bridging finance options can help ‘bridge the gap’ in transactions which are time-constrained and require large funds. This…
Feb 20, 2020
Jamie Costello posted a blog post
There can be many benefits when it comes to going into partnership for a business. Two minds means more ideas for your business and the potential to grow even more. If the partner is a close friend, it can also be fun to work with them. Partnerships…
Jan 30, 2020

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