John Olagues posted a blog post
I am a former Stock Options Market Maker on the CBOE and the Pacific Stock Exchange. I and some others used a strategy of identifying mis-priced calls and puts. We sold the over-priced and bought the under-priced and then hedged to reduce risk.After…
Oct 15, 2012
John Olagues posted a discussion
It can be easily demonstrated that selling exchange traded calls or buying puts to a lesser degree is the only efficient way for executives to manage their equity compensation grants especially employee stock options.But the companies wish to…
May 2, 2012
John Olagues posted a discussion
Traditional employee stock options have structural problems which reduce their usefulness mainly because of the desire to reduce risk by the employees and the lack of understanding of the nature of their holdings. So I created what I call Dynamic…
Mar 18, 2012
John Olagues posted a discussion
There are 1000s of wealth managers trying to get millions of employees holding employee stock options to manage these grants in a manner which benefits the wealth managers and the company/employer and works counter to the interests of the employee,…
Mar 6, 2012

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