Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Are you newly working from home? Or are you an old pro? Either way, it is likely you are using some form of remote desktop protocol. Those of us who have been working home as our primary means of earning a living, know these tools very well and are…
Mar 24, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Once again, tax time has rolled around, and though you technically have until April 15th, it’s always best to file a bit earlier…especially if you want to avoid setting yourself up for ID theft.How Could Filing Taxes Compromise Your Identity?Here’s…
Mar 12, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Hey YOU, SMB, yeah I’m talking to you. There are a number of things that you can do to not only protect your personal information, but also the information you have in your business:Hire a professional – It is entirely possible the small business…
Mar 5, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
You might not realize it, but your electronic devices may be tracking you. They know what you are doing, what you are reading, and the things you like to do. In almost every case, you give these devices permission to collect this info when you start…
Feb 27, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Identity theft is when a person steals another person’s private and personal information, generally to make money from it. You probably already knew this, but have you heard of synthetic identity theft? This is a bit different.With synthetic…
Feb 20, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
You have likely heard of the dangers of using unsecure public Wi-Fi, so you know that hackers are out there snooping. It is pretty easy to hack into a laptop or mobile device that is on a public Wi-Fi connection with no protection. Hackers can read…
Jan 30, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Do you Uber? If you do, you probably feel pretty safe getting into the car of a stranger. However, you might not be as safe as you think.Most people take for granted that Uber does background checks on its drivers, but there are actually a number of…
Jan 16, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
How prepared are you for a disaster? Most of us are not prepared, at all, yet two-thirds of us live in an area where we are at a moderate to very high risk of experiencing a natural disaster. Here are a few things you should do, today, to start…
Jan 9, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Most of us have no idea when a disaster is about to strike, and even if we do have a little warning, it’s very possible that things can go very wrong.This is where you can put a business continuity plan to good use. What does this do? It gives your…
Jan 4, 2020
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
You have surely heard of hackers, but do you really know how they work? Hackers are well known for being bad guys, though there are certainly good hackers out there too. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand how a hacker can hack:Directions…
Dec 27, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Have you heard of SIM swapping? It’s a new trick that hackers are using to get money and mess up your life.What is SIM Swapping?So, what is SIM swapping? It’s when a hacker tricks your cell phone company into thinking that you have activated your…
Dec 19, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
Have you ever seen a house and thought…I wish I could afford that? Some people actually try it, but let this story be a lesson learned: if you can’t afford the cost of a house, you probably shouldn’t try to buy it.Pamela Chandler was arrested and…
Dec 13, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
You might be surprised to know that more than 3.4 billion fake emails are sent around the globe each day. What does this mean? It means that almost every company out there is vulnerable to cybercrimes in the form of “spoofing” and “phishing.” On top…
Dec 4, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
If you are the parent of a child or teen who uses the internet, here are some stats you need to know:Stats About Teens and the InternetTeens think that the internet is mostly privateThey also think that they can make the best decisions for their…
Nov 27, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
There are a number of ways that you can protect yourself online, and one of the things you can do is to start using two-factor authentication.You probably have seen two-factor authentication even if you aren’t sure what it is. For instance, if you…
Nov 22, 2019
Robert Siciliano posted a blog post
This post takes a hard and honest look at whats happening right now. You either “get it” or you are a victim of whats going on. Victims who read this will trash it and deny the reality of what they read. Denial is warm and comfortable. The truth is…
Nov 13, 2019

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