Steven Minsky posted a blog post
The topic of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is especially prominent right now. But why is ESG important?
It’s all about the See-Through Economy. By taking a look at trends and patterns over the course of recent…
Jun 24
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
Colonial Pipeline, a major U.S. energy company, was hit with a ransomware cyberattack on May 7th, 2021, which forced it to halt all operations on its major pipeline that delivers roughly 45% of all fuel consumed on the east coast. 
Why was this a…
May 24
Steven Minsky posted an event

Apr 28, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00

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Apr 26
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
Introduction What do you foresee your company experiencing throughout 2021? After vaccines suddenly release your workforce and customers from over a year in solitary confinement, what are you expecting? How do you see that relating to Q2, Q3 and…
Apr 23
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
What do the power outages in Texas in 2021 and the ones in California in 2018 and 2019 have in common? Although the crises are different – one faced fire, the other an ice storm – in both cases, the power utility industries were negligent in risk…
Feb 26
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
Technology is rapidly evolving.  As companies adapt to the evolving landscape, they look to third-party vendors to carry out various processes and procedures. When evaluating software vendors in risk management, what should organizations take into…
Oct 3, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
The Internal Institute of Auditors (IIA) and ISACA held their 2019 Governance, Risk, and Control Conference from August 12th to 14th in Fort Lauderdale. This year I was honored to be selected to speak on the effects of data privacy risks in the…
Aug 23, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
The Risk Management Society (RIMS) held their annual 2019 Risk Management Conference from April 7 to 10 in Boston. This year I was honored to be selected to speak on the effects of the See-Through Economy, “How to Mitigate Reputational Risk.”The…
Jun 18, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
In a recent poll, LogicManager found that among 78 senior executives, 70% believed their organization’s goals would be impacted by a recession and yet nearly sixty percent either did not have a plan or were unsure if a change management plan was in…
Jun 6, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
ISACA, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, adoption, and use of industry-leading information security knowledge and best practices, opened up its 50th anniversary celebration this year with their 2019 North America CACS…
Jun 4, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
The banking industry is perceived as the most advanced in their understanding and implementation of risk management. Although banks have indeed made huge progress in risk management, two areas all banks can improve is the structure used in…
Apr 22, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are an increasing concern for every company in every industry. Year over year, data breaches increase by 75%. Why are they becoming more prevalent, and how can you protect your business?Before you can protect your…
Mar 28, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
For the first time, reputation risk, organizational culture, and cybersecurity have all landed among the top five risks in the energy industry. How can energy companies tackle all of these risks without wasting time and money on additional…
Mar 7, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
 Even a $1 trillion company cannot hide in the See-Through Economy. After a fourteen-year-old boy discovered a serious bug in Apple’s group FaceTime feature, his mother e-mailed, faxed, and tweeted the report to Apple. However, it wasn’t until after…
Feb 21, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
Today the economy is strong and your business is doing well. But are you prepared for when this strength turns to weakness? Enterprise risk management has been proven to help companies survive a recession.While there is much debate over whether a…
Jan 16, 2019
Steven Minsky posted a blog post
There’s an undeniable shift occurring in the business world right now. In fact, it’s been forming since 2007. I’ve coined the phrase the See-Through Economy to encapsulate the shift towards transparency and accountability brought on by new…
Jan 4, 2019

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