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When people think of GRC they immediately picture a huge technology implementation that costs millions of dollars. The reality of GRC is very different from what people perceive it to be. GRC isn’t a type of software suite, it is a new way of…
Nov 20, 2018
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Compliance management systems are becoming a common sight in the financial sector, not just because of how well they perform, but also because of the excellent ROI on them. If your organization is worried about the costs of implementing a compliance…
Aug 16, 2018
fahad_factors posted a blog post
The Compendium of Evidence on the Effectiveness of Innovation Policy Intervention Project in the stewardship of Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR), University of Manchester has revealed some interesting facts about Regulatory Change…
Dec 14, 2017
fahad_factors posted a blog post
Whether we are talking about broader HSSE or more narrowly focused CIP, NERC, ISO, Dodd-Frank, etc. compliance,  there are two general approaches to implementing a compliance plan within an organization:  proactive and reactive.Reactive – Many…
May 24, 2017
fahad_factors posted a blog post
The Oil and Gas industry is growing but at the same time increases in Oil and Gas activity correlate with an increase in the rate of fatal occupational injuries, particularly when inexperienced workers are not sufficiently trained in safety and…
May 10, 2017
fahad_factors posted a blog post
Storm of ContentThe Affordable Care Act. HIPAA. OSHA. If there is one thing hospitals aren’t short of these days, it’s new rules and regulations. And for every fresh law or regulation that gets passed, new or updated policies follow. Add in new…
May 8, 2017

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