sandeep kumar posted a discussion
Hello all, Just starting a job with a company that uses NetSuite Functional. I am new to NetSuite, and my background is in SQL and C# - I'd like the ability to access the data outside of the UI and wondering if there's a way to do that without…
Dec 13, 2019
sandeep kumar posted a discussion
Hi all, I am new to NetSuite and had done very little Netsuite training. I want to update an image on a landing page for a product and I can not do it on the site using the editor on the website. It has to be done on NetSuite. I cat seem to find the…
Nov 18, 2019
sandeep kumar posted a discussion
I'm trying to access NetSuite's data from SQL Server as the NetSuite reporting by itself isn't enough. For doing so, I installed the NetSuite ODBC adapter on the server and tried creating a linked server connection from SQL Server in order to be…
Nov 13, 2018
sandeep kumar posted a discussion
Hi all, I have added a Custom field in Netsuite 'Test Field' of Record Type Account using NetSuite GUI(Web), but when fetching Account data using Netsuite API, I am getting all build in fields but not getting my custom field. I am using below code…
Nov 10, 2018

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