5 Ways to Update the Office After the Lockdown is Lifted

While employees are having to work from home, and the empty office collects dust it’s a good time to consider modernising the office for when your staff to return. Offices can be dull places to be so it’s in every employer’s interest to help their staff love their workspace. With safety and style in mind here are 5 updates to consider

First Up: Safety 

Once the lockdown as stopped and people begin to return to work it’s best to walk on the side of caution as the virus won’t just vanish. It’s more than likely that social distancing will be advised for the remainder of 2020 so adding space between desks is the easiest way to go about it. If you’re a little tight on space that its either time to consider a bigger office you if you have a savvy eye, buying new smaller desks for staff can also help.

It might be a bit of hassle but for the safety of your employees, it’s an essential. If you’re trying to keep costs down, then you could also consider rotating staff between working from home and in the office, ease staff back into the normal work routine while creating space in the office.

Add Some Luxury

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes and for some employees, its the little things about the office that make them love coming into work. A small idea would be to upgrade the instant coffee available for a swanky new coffee machine, they aren’t the most expensive anymore so it would be a big purchase but for anyone at home who doesn’t have a coffee machine, you’ll find they’ll love the new luxury straight away.

Adding new furniture, stationery or even some modern technology such as iPads can also add a sense of luxury to an employee job, so if it’s something affordable and useful to the business, splash out!

Comfort is Key

Keeping your employee comfy throughout their 8-hour working day can be tough but update older computer chairs is likely to be the best change for your staff. While windows are always desirable in an office and proven to increase productivity, direct sunlight on those super sunny days can be a big distraction, so consider updating to some bespoke blinds specifically tailored to let in the right amount of light the office needs.

Add Some Green

Every office needs plants! Adding some greenery to the office is another scientifically proven way to boost morale and relieve stress in the office. You’ll find 3 or 4 big plants in the space with add some extra vibrance and maybe even get rid of some of the corporate greys your employees are used to.

Update the Break Area

Most break areas include some chairs, a table and maybe a sofa, so it might be time to add a little more character to space. Some framed art, a foosball table and a games console can go a long way into keeping your employee engaged during their lunchtime. Most of these ideas can be very affordable too, with second-hand products usually going for a cheap price so its worth having a browse online and charity shops!

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