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Many teams are still using spreadsheets to manage risk. And while it can be a good place to start for some smaller businesses, as organisations expand, it becomes unmanageable. Complex processes like risk management require multiple users, complex data mapping, control monitoring, automation, strict data governance, and in-depth reporting & analytics – and spreadsheets simply don’t offer this level of functionality. When risk data is contained in a spreadsheet, it’s just data; but when risk data

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When you think of movies, the genres of action, romance, or perhaps drama might come to mind. But what if I told you that some of the most compelling tales of risk management, decision science, and behavioural economics come packaged in the very films we cherish? This isn’t just about Wall Street dramas or high-stakes heist thrillers. Sometimes, the most profound lessons about risk lurk in unsuspected corners, from a romantic comedy to a sci-fi classic. In this article, I’ve created a list of mo

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5 Essential Qualities of a Successful CFO


 Historically, the post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has functioned as a steward of financial expertise, moral integrity, and shareholder value, selecting criteria to analyze organizational development and ensuring value.

Due to inflation, a greater number of rules, and more governance obligations, the CFO position is now present in practically every company. However, the final quarter of the 20th century was distinct. Prior to 1978, less than 10% of American corporations employed chief finan

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To strike a balance between risk and reward, senior decision-makers must recognise which risks have the greatest potential to impact the business and understand how to manage them to enhance performance, drive value creation, and ensure sustainability – bringing strategic risk management into sharp focus.

This latest eBook provides practical steps to build a risk-informed planning function. It explains how to integrate risk management into business operations & leadership routines and reveals ho

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The Forrester Wave™ Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms, Q3 2021, Out Now!
In the report, Forrester provide an in-depth evaluation of the top solution providers in GRC. A must read for anyone considering software automation to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance needs.

The report provides a full analysis of each vendor to help risk and compliance professionals select the best fit GRC solution to meet their requirements.

Read the report to explore:

  • A detailed assessment of the top GRC
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ESG Reporting Mandates to Know for Third-Party Risk

It's been a minute since I've been here sharing content and it's nice to see the community growing! We recently published a blog post about ESG and some of the challenges we are seeing as people try to navigate today's regulatory landscape. As ESG continues to grow in focus, I thought it relevant and timely to share this piece.

I thought this part particularly interesting:  A report from Morningstar found that 88% of organizations with high ESG

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We seem to be living in a golden age of software. Applications have rendered almost every business function a more-efficient one, more consistent in following best practices, and more capable of producing data-rich reporting for executive decision-making. If you started a new job, you would most likely be surprised if they were not using a centralised system, imagine joining a finance team with no finance system or a sales team with no CRM!

These systems become the lynchpin of their departments

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This is a transcription of our Interview with Helen Fanucci, a Digital Transformation Sales Leader at Microsoft. You can watch the original video interview here or tune in to the podcast episode here, iTunes, Spotify and other podcast apps by searching "Risk Management Show"


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to out interview with Helen Fanucci.

Helen is a Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Team Builder and Strategic Thinker at Microsoft. She is also an Educational Counselor for M

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This is a transcription of our interview with Will Anderson, CEO at Resolver.


You can watch the original video interview here or tune in to the podcast episode here

or via iTunesSpotify and other podcast apps by searching "Risk Management Show"

Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to out interview with Will Anderson.

Will is a CEO at Resolver which is an integrated risk management software for mid to large-sized organizations. The solutions include risk management, corporate securit

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In this interview we reviewed how 2020 changed what we do in Risk Management and Governance and what are themes emerging in 2021. The main topics discussed are - What are the key risk areas boards and managers are worried about and want more training on? - How delivery methods are changing and how to combine the remote delivery with high engagement. and more...
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Debunking the Myths of AI for TPRM

It’s no wonder many third-party risk management (TPRM) professionals are skeptical about the hype surrounding AI. Their very careers require them to be risk averse, and the technology has been associated with spectacular failures as well as successes, such as Tay, the chat bot that adopted racial slurs and inappropriate language from users.

The early failure of Tay underscores the most important success factor in deploying AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.

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Security in the digital world is in demand for online financial businesses. This is because of the increasing number of digital frauds that are penetrating into the digital space at a high pace. The digital frauds are of many types. These correspond to financial crimes, a variety of credit card frauds, payment scams, and cyberattacks. The digital frauds include identity theft, account takeover fraud, and high-scale data breaches. Under these circumstances, there should be active security measure

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Fighting financial crime committed by political figures starts with identifying them. It’s easy to identify a head of state or key members of a legislature, but there are many politicians in the world who don’t claim a significant spotlight. Screening for politically exposed persons (PEPs) is a crucial part of a financial institution’s AML program, it’s incredibly challenging to get it right.

The lack of a universally agreed-upon definition for what constitutes a PEP is the first hurdle. The vari

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This is a transcript of our interview with Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Partnerships at ClauseMatch.

You can watch the original video interview here



Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Anastasia Dokuchaeva. Anastasia is Head of partnerships at ClauseMatch, a regulatory technology firm which provides financial institutions, insurance, energy companies as well as the regulators with the modern compliance platform to transform the policy management and regulatory

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In the current global climate, financial crime is a more pressing issue than ever.

COVID-19, lockdown and the mass transition to remote working has created fertile ground for fraudulent activity in the UK. Needless to say, the pandemic has caused widespread panic, financial stress and business instability.

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in opportunistic fraudsters impersonating charities and government authorities in order to take advantage of the widespread effects on society.

In one instance, thousa

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This is a transcript of our interview with Zac Cohen, COO at Trulioo.

You can watch the original interview here


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Zac Cohen. Zac is a Chief Operational Officer at Trulioo. Trulioo is a hyper growth Vancouver startup solving global identity challenges associated with international regulatory compliances, fraud, prevention and trust and safety online. Zac, thank you for taking your time and coming to our interview today.

Zac: It’s

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