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RISK AWARENESS WEEK is the biggest global online platform to learn risk management and decision making. Amazing lineup of international speakers share practical case studies on integrating risk management into corporate decision making, planning, budgeting, project management and risk-adjusted performance management. Our aim is to bring together best quantitative risk management practices in a easy to understand and practical fashion for a fraction of the price. 

You can watch the workshops live

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3 Phases of Managing Disruption

10258043870?profile=RESIZE_400xRecessions compel leaders of practically all organizations around the world to consider the consequences of a deeply disruptive crisis.

When confronted with a crisis, some leaders shine, causing their companies to grow stronger. Some appear to be stumbling. Others are merely bystanders while their organizations crumble.

Organizations that survive major disruptions are likely to emerge stronger and better prepared to predict and prepare for the next one.

Leaders of organizations are ultimately re

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AI-2Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area considered by many executives to enable Automation and steer positive growth.  A couple of years ago, most executives thought that deployment of Artificial Intelligence isn’t a big deal.  However, revamping traditional systems, implementing AI, and scaling it, in reality, is not as simple as it seems.

A survey by PwC Research in 2020, which gathered responses of 1062 business leaders, validates that scaling and industrializing AI is not straightforward at

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The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on people’s health, lives, and societies. Lots of us have felt worried about the coronavirus pandemic, and everyone will feel differently about the changes to lockdown restrictions.

If you have lost a job as a result of COVID-19 we would like to offer you free full access to RISK AWARENESS WEEK 2021 to continue learning and improving your risk management and decision making skills for when the economy recovers and new opportunities arise.

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Emerging technologies are transforming every aspect of financial services, and COVID-19 has only accelerated banks’ implementation of their digitalization ambitions.

From the way customers complete transactions to how banks make decisions, digital tools are bringing greater speed, efficiency and transparency to many aspects of the financial workflow.

A new global survey by SAS of 300 senior banking executives reveals a group of banks that are leading the way in automating risk modeling and di

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The topic of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is especially prominent right now. But why is ESG important?

It’s all about the See-Through Economy. By taking a look at trends and patterns over the course of recent history, it’s clear that ESG is a growing concern for consumers, investors and regulators everywhere. The See-Through Economy has driven the value of global assets applying environmental, social and governance data to drive investment decisions to al

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Hi Global Risk Community member,

Join us for this live webinar on June 23, 2021 at 1 pm CEST / 2 pm Saudi, “Essential Elements of Effective Risk Management in a Changing World.”


Recent times have created both challenges and opportunities for organizations across industries. 2020 marked a year that had put risk-taking abilities, business sensibilities, and mental and organizational strengths through the acid test and 2021 is still testing those limits. As ris

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Transforming Risk Management into Risk Intelligence


In one of our latest interviews, we've been joined by Will Anderson, the CEO of Resolver.inc.  Resolver provides an integrated risk management software for mid to large-sized organizations to empower business, to move faster. The solutions include risk management, corporate security, business resilience, and IT risk. Over 1,000 organizations worldwide depend on Resolver’s security, risk and compliance software. That’s about 1,000,000 people u

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Every new president brings a dramatic change in priorities. This is not a political statement – it is a factual statement. And while we may not all share the same political views, all organizations share the same mission of surviving and thriving under whatever new agenda is brought forward.
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Working Within a Complex System

Aaron Dignan, in an excerpt from his book Brave New Work on ‘Changing Organisational Mindset’ explains the difference between complicated and complex by comparing it to the difference between a car and traffic[1]. Everything about a car has been worked out by scientists and engineers and how it moves is predictable. We can’t predict precisely how traffic will move despite our best modelling efforts.

Dignan explains that complex systems are more about ‘relationships and interactions among their c

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NEW: NAVEX Global’s Definitive Guide to
Ethics and Compliance Programmes

An effective ethics and compliance programme is critical to running a productive, reputable and successful business – especially in today’s rapidly-changing environment.

But how can you be sure that your programme meets best practice, has considered al

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NAVEX Global

2020 Regional Whistleblowing Benchmark Webinar
Preview the 2020 European & APAC report

Webinar: Thursday 8th October // 3pm BST, 4pm CEST

Join NAVEX Global to preview the new 2020 report* to get a regional comparison of the latest whistleblowing trends, enabling your organisation to more accurately benchmark its own whistleblowing hotline programme.

Discover the late

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Risk Management courses

Hello Global Risk Community member,

Don't miss out on critical training. Following positive feedback from clients, IFF Training are running all their remaining 2020 courses in a virtual classroom. The courses will be delivered as blended online programmes, involving a variety of learning materials and delivery methods, comprising on-demand learning which is complemented with live learning - all from the same expert practitioners that run the traditional face-to-face training.

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New 2020 Gartner Report Evaluates IT Vendor Risk Management Solutions

The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools is now available. This report evaluates 23 solutions within the IT Vendor Risk Management (VRM) landscape, based on each vendor’s completeness of vision and ability to execute. This report can be utilized as a resource in the IT VRM software solution decision-making process to better understand the Vendor Risk Management landscape.


See whi

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NAVEX Global

NEW: Third-Party Risk Toolkit
What Your Board Needs to Know

In recent weeks, at least one high-profile company has been rocked by a plummeting share price, reputational damage and a possible criminal investigation – all due to the alleged actions of one of its suppliers.

In the current environment, many organisations are rapidly onboa

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ProcessUnity Logo

Third-Party Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk

Management Demonstration

Vendor Risk Management programs aren't perfect. In our daily discussions with risk and compliance professionals like you, we find there's always an opportunity to streamline a process and make it more effective.

Where does your program need to improve? Onboarding? Due diligence? A

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Over the last two weeks, we have been exploring the challenges that COVID19 continues to deliver to risk managers, particularly with respect to scenario analysis construction.  We would be glad for feedback from this community on whether the content is helpful.

We have looked at the Twin Data Deficits created by emergency regulatory policies that change key policy definitions and delay regulatory reporting...and we discussed Why Data Deficits Matter

Spoiler alert:  data deficits matter because m

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Training delivered by experts, 100% online.
Dear Global Risk Community member,
As we all adapt to a new way of working, we must continue to invest in training.  Failing to re-skill and up-skill will be costly in the long-run and will impact on performance, risk exposure and morale. 

We have a well established portfolio of distance learning courses developed by the same expert practitioners that run our face-to-face courses and in partnership with

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NAVEX Global

 2020 Risk & Compliance
Hotline Benchmark Report

Benchmark Your Whistleblower Hotline & Incident Management Program

A steady cadence of analysis and benchmarking of hotline data helps organizations answer crucial questions about their risk and compliance program including:

  • Does our culture support employees who raise concerns?
  • Are our investigations thorough and effective?
  • Do we need more training or updated policies?
  • Do employees know about our reporting channels?

Tracking internal

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