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Climate change is going to have a significant impact on our lives. Though many of us are aware that a change needs to happen in order to prevent the worst outcomes from becoming reality, few are able to see the indirect ways that a changing climate is already having a profound impact on our day-to-day activities. Given that the impacts of climate change often appear subtle, it is hard to place the emphasis on changing that we truly need to. 

However, climate does and is having a real impact alrea

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In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance cannot be overstated. AML professionals face numerous challenges in detecting and preventing illicit activities, including increasing data volumes, sophisticated money laundering techniques, and stringent regulations. However, big data analytics has emerged as a powerful tool to strengthen AML compliance efforts. Big data's ability to analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sou
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As artificial intelligence grows by leaps and bounds, governments worldwide are scrambling to build guardrails to ensure its safe and responsible deployment. On the other hand, businesses are deploying AI however and wherever they can, as its promised productivity and efficiency gains may profoundly impact the bottom line.

However, companies must deploy this game-changing technology in ways that do not violate the law. Increasingly, this will mean that they are not only responsible for using AI s

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As we enter 2024, the landscape of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for financial organizations is transforming significantly. In the aftermath of global disruptions caused by wars and the pandemic, coupled with rapid technological advancements, ERM has come to the forefront of strategic planning and operational resilience. Financial organizations are now tasked with navigating a complex web of risks, from cyber threats and regulatory changes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) conce

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As we step into 2024, the landscape of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) continues to evolve, shaped by persistent global uncertainties, technological advancements, and the ever-changing business environment. The importance of a robust risk management solution has never been more pronounced as organizations worldwide strive to navigate these complexities. New challenges and opportunities have prompted a significant shift in how businesses approach risk management, transforming it from a defensive

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Financial organizations face many challenges and risks in today's complex business landscape. The traditional methods of handling risks are no longer sufficient to ensure the sustainability and growth of these institutions. This is where Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) comes into play as a comprehensive risk management solution. ERM provides a structured and holistic approach to identifying, assessing, managing, and mitigating organizational risks. By implementing an effective ERM program, fina

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Corporate governance expert Nigel Kendall underscores the urgency for boards to build resilient enterprises in today's volatile business landscape, emphasizing the fiduciary duty beyond profitability. His insights explore the holistic approach to governance, linking ethical culture and adaptable business models, while drawing on case studies like Carillion and Wirecard to stress the consequences of negligence.
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In a global effort to combat financial crime, the European Union is on the brink of establishing the groundbreaking Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA). This article delves into Ireland's strategic bid to host AMLA and the transformative impact it could have on the European financial regulatory landscape.
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Understanding the role of corporate culture in risk management is crucial for the effective implementation of an enterprise risk management solution. It's not just about the policies and procedures; it's about how these elements are rooted in an organization's daily operations. This blog explores the thoughtful impact of culture and governance on risk management, underlining the importance of an enterprise risk management platform in reinforcing a strong risk culture.

The Impact of Culture and Go

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On 30 November, Data Protection Day is celebrated around the world. Every year the task of data protection becomes more and more critical both for businesses and users themselves. In this November digest we gathered interesting and illustrative incidents related to data leaks, fraud and hacks.

A phishing incident 

What happened: Hilb Group was hit by a phishing attack that resulted into leak of 80,000 customers’ personal and financial data. 

How it happened: On 2 November, Hilb Group Operating Comp

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In today's uncertain economic landscape, companies face numerous internal and external risk factors that can impact their ability to achieve their goals. This collective set of risk factors, known as Enterprise Risk, is the primary source of uncertainty in any business.

The efficiency of a company's business management is deeply linked with how well it manages its business risk. Hence, an enterprise risk management solution is crucial for companies to navigate uncertainties, make informed decisio

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12264168085?profile=RESIZE_710xGreater emphasis should be placed on the procurement function than it presently does in the majority of organizations.  A considerable number of procurement-related administrators are deficient in the requisite knowledge and perspectives to discern deficiencies and efficiently manage the function.

In this age of swift fluctuations in supply and demand, intense competition, constrained materials and resources, political instability, and failure to concentrate and enhance critical capabilities is a

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Different phases of organizational development exist.  Some reach maturity and then decline with time, whereas others simply vanish during the initial phase.

However, few businesses are able to avoid bankruptcy and sustain long-term growth.  They continue to amaze consumers with their innovative products and services.  They accomplish this by devoting resources, investment, time, and effort to the development of novel ideas, testing and cultivating these ideas, and discarding obsolete products.


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Hello Global Risk Community member,
Keeping up with compliance obligations is a full-time job. Chances are that your company’s risk appetite for non-compliance is zero or close to it. Failure can result in financial penalties and other negative consequences. There’s a great deal at stake. But how can you accomplish both – compliance and compliance risk management?
Protecht’s new eBook provides the actionable guidance you need to succeed.
Download the Compliance and Compliance Risk Management

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Hi Global Risk Community member,  

What does Governance, Risk Management and Compliance management look like across your business? Organizations will often approach GRC as a compliance band-aid rather than truly integrating it into their business. The lack of internal control management opens the door to heightened risk exposure. 

Join Fastpath host, Frank Vukovits, Principal Evangelist, and guest Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst and Pundit at GRC 20/20 Research for an upcoming Fastpath webinar:  

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Policy and procedure documents form the foundation of every business, offering a structure for uniform operations, regulatory compliance, and employee direction. These manuals outline the guidelines, obligations, and procedures that control several facets of an organization's operations. Managing policy and procedural documentation in significant or complicated businesses can have major difficulties.

Traditional approaches to document management, including shared network drives or manual filing s

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