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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, agility is crucial for effective governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). As technology evolves and regulations shift, businesses must adapt quickly to maintain compliance and mitigate risks. Incorporating agile methodologies into GRC processes empowers organizations to stay ahead of changes, proactively address challenges, and sustain a competitive edge.

Consider a multinational corporation facing unexpected regulatory changes in a key ma

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Every business has a responsibility to minimize risks. Indeed, most industries have specific regulations to reduce employee accidents or safeguard consumers from unnecessary hazards, among other issues. Yet, it’s important to recognize that simply sticking to the letter of compliance isn’t always the most effective route to take.
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Banks preserve assets, manage risks, and protect customers from fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes. Risk management and regulatory compliance have grown in complexity and cost in today's digital age.

Regulatory compliance and customer demands for better data management and risk assessment frequently result in more significant operational expenses for banks.

At the same time, generative AI is revolutionizing risk and compliance management processes in the financial industry by mini

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The financial services landscape constantly evolves, driven by rapid technological advancements, changing market dynamics, and increasingly complex regulatory requirements. In this context, financial risk management software emerges as a critical tool that enables institutions to stay ahead of the curve. This software empowers financial institutions to make informed decisions, streamline risk management processes, and safeguard their assets and reputations by providing comprehensive insights int

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In modern business's complex and ever-evolving landscape, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) has emerged as a cornerstone for sustainable and successful organizational strategies. Understanding what GRC software entails and its significance in today's corporate world is crucial for businesses aiming to navigate their myriad challenges.

What is GRC?

GRC stands for Governance, Risk and Compliance. It represents an integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achi

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In the landscape of financial enterprises, compliance management stands as a keystone, ensuring businesses adhere to legal and regulatory frameworks. Like citizens abiding by national laws, businesses must navigate a complex web of regulations to remain compliant. This is a task where effective compliance management is indispensable. This blog delves into the essence of compliance management, its significance, and the ideal organizational approach to mastering it. 

The Importance of Integrated Co

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Hello Global Risk Community member,

Keeping up with enterprise risk and compliance obligations is a full-time job. Chances are that your company’s appetite for non-compliance is zero or close to it. Failure can result in financial penalties and other negative consequences. There’s a great deal at stake. But how can you accomplish both – enterprise risk and compliance management?

Protecht’s new eBook provides the actionable guidance you need to succeed.
Download the Compliance and Complianc

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In the complex business world, the significance of compliance management cannot be overstated. It is a crucial element that ensures organizations operate within legal and ethical frameworks. This blog explores three essential approaches to successful compliance management, offering insights into how businesses can effectively navigate and implement these strategies.

Compliance management is a critical process that ensures an organization adheres to legal, ethical, and internal standards. It's not

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Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
SCCE membership

Set your compliance team up for success!

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE®) is a member-based professional association supporting compliance practitioners in a variety of roles and industries across the globe. We provide essential resources, education, tools, and networking opportunities to help professionals stay informed and up to date on the best practices in compliance and ethics.

Are you a member?

Get connected with the compliance and ethics community by joining m

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What Is Compliance Management

Compliance management is the continuous monitoring and evaluation of systems to ensure they comply with industry standards, corporate policies, and regulatory requirements. Organizations must ensure that their systems are secure and meet all relevant standards. This approach to compliance management meets the NIST 800 criteria and ensures that organizations align with industry and security standards.

Why Having an Effective Compliance Management Framework Is Necessar

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Compliance management is more than just a buzzword—it's necessary to succeed as a business in the modern era. With the ever-evolving landscape of regulations and the increasing complexity of financial transactions, it's easy to make mistakes while managing compliance.

However, these mistakes can be costly, resulting in financial penalties and reputational damage. This blog will delve into the five common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to compliance management. We will also touch upon the

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Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Fundamentals of Compliance Investigations • November 28–29, 2023 • Virtual (CT)

Leading investigations? We’ve got you covered.

No matter what your role is in compliance, odds are you will have to conduct workplace investigations at some point in your career. Join Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE®) November 28-29 and learn the core principles of conducting effective compliance investigations so that you can lead confidently whenever you’re called upon.

Topics include:

  • Investigation basics
  • Planning the investigation
  • Gathering evidence and documenta
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Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference | 9 November 2023 • Dubai, UAE

Learn, network, and earn CEUs

Join Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE®) in-person at the upcoming Dubai Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference on 9 November to get the latest developments in compliance from experienced instructors, network with other practitioners in your area, and earn live Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® continuing education units (CEUs).

Session Highlights

  • Risk Assessment Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches
  • International Data Transfers a
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Hello Global Risk Community member,
The question whether compliance management and risk management should be managed separately or together has been debated quite a bit over the years. The reality is that the two practices are tightly interconnected – and should be managed as such.
The actual question to ask is how should compliance management and risk management be combined?
Join Protecht’s Chief Research & Content Officer David Tattam and Research and Content Lead Michael Howell for th

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Hello Global Risk Community member,
Keeping up with compliance obligations is a full-time job. Chances are that your company’s risk appetite for non-compliance is zero or close to it. Failure can result in financial penalties and other negative consequences. There’s a great deal at stake. But how can you accomplish both – compliance and compliance risk management?
Protecht’s new eBook provides the actionable guidance you need to succeed.
Download the Compliance and Compliance Risk Management

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2023 State of Risk & Compliance

Survey findings from over 1,300 risk and compliance professionals point to interesting shifts in priorities.

Download Here

The story of this 2023 State of Risk & Compliance Report is one of progress. Risk and compliance professionals are reporting greater program maturity and signaling the growing confidence, stature and sophistication of our professions.


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Need compliance updates and CEUs?

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Dubai Compliance & Ethics Conferences | 5-8 November 2023, Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy | 9 November 2023, Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference
Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy  |  Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference

Join us in Dubai and earn live CEUs!

If you’re ready to become a certified compliance professional, we’ve got you covered! Join Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE®) for the Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy and Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference. These local events are an excellent opportunity for you to earn the CEU’s you need while learning from and connecting with col

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Organizations need help keeping up with regulatory changes and maintaining compliance across all operations in today's complicated and ever-changing regulatory world. Manual compliance management systems are time-demanding and prone to mistakes and inefficiencies. This is where regulatory change management software may help.

The software enables firms to efficiently manage regulatory changes while minimizing risks and enhancing overall compliance effectiveness by automating and simplifying compli

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