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Data Governance is a set of practices that outline the roles and accountabilities related to data and support the organization’s Business Model by generating and consuming data.  It’s all about overseeing the accessibility, practicality, reliability and safety of enterprise data.

Data Governance is guided by in-house data standards and guidelines to monitor data usage.  The process safeguards data uniformity, dependability, and fair use.  The success of a Data Governance initiative should be meas

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ESG and See-Through Economy


In this week's blog post, we're sharing insights on our latest interview with Steven Minsky. Steven is the CEO and founder at LogicManager, which is a powerful risk management software. Especially during the pandemic, LogicManager has spent a lot of effort to create a relief package for their customers, to ensure their software and services can be used in innovative ways and create success stories and solutions that are available for everyone on their website.  We had our first interview with

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Thoughts on the MRM Discipline


In this week's blog post, we're sharing insights on our interview with David Asermely. David is a global Model Risk Management Lead at SAS driving strategic conversations with global institutions and influencing the SAS model risk management solution roadmap. He is passionate about translating data into actionable intelligence, and he focuses on combining the best technologies and design principles to improve modelling efficiency and quality. Based on that, we invited David Asermely to talk abo

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Technological innovation and intensifying competition are forcing leaders to rethink how they use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage and direct organizations.  Digitization has reinforced the importance of Key Performance Indicators not only in enhancing employee performance but driving the overall organizational productivity.

The role of KPIs is becoming more dynamic.  KPIs are getting demonstrably flexible, smarter, and valuable in achieving strategic advantage.  Leading technology-dri

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The Evolution of Governance Reporting


Dear Global Risk Community Member,

There are few people more central to how an organization runs than those responsible for managing the corporate record.

Yet, as organizations have become increasingly international, as they build complex subsidiary structures that need closer attention, and as the compliance burden and risk potential has grown, the roles of those responsible haven’t necessarily evolved.

Download “The Evolution of Governance Reporting” to discover how with robust reportin

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Best Practices in Subsidiary Management

Dear Global Risk Community Member,


The world of regulation and industry requirements seems to be in a constant state of flux. As scandals rock the world, and as governments change and get tougher, those responsible for subsidiary governance struggle to keep track and manage risk.

Even the most experienced and confident of legal operations and risk professionals can struggle with this, however, turning to subsidiary governance best practices can help give you some peace of mind that your own 

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Modern Governance 101: Using Boardroom Intelligence to Stay Abreast of the Stakeholder Landscape 
 November 25, 2019

Speaker: Dottie Schindlinger, Kerie Kerstetter 

Dear Global Risk Comunity member,

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where we'll dig deeper into the results of the study and explore the implications for boards navigating a shifting stakeholder landscape.

The Diligent Institute partnered with Stanford's Rock Center for Corporate Gover

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A Message From Our Partner

Leverage Entity Management for Legal Small.png

Gain actionable data intelligence to increase the legal department's value-added

For the legal department of an organization, compliance is the name of the game. Almost every action taken within the entity management ecosystem is to ensure that proper procedures are followed so that all rules and regulations are followed in accordance to the law. Manually tracking entity data has proven to create more complications than solutions it provides. As your

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NAVEX Global

8028296484?profile=originalPrivacy can be a complex task for your organisation, but it can also be a business advantage if handled correctly. NAVEX Global are pleased to introduce our new report Privacy by Compliance.

This report provides the latest insights, market data and industry trends, explained by the industry's leading experts, on how compliance teams are influencing their data governance programmes.

Download this report to find out:

  • How the CCO's role is transforming data privacy risk i
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                    A Message from our partner

NAVEX Global

Even the most rigid compliance program can’t save your company from all risk. In fact, new research reveals that program success can’t be measured by numbers alone.

The Definitive Corporate Compliance Benchmark Report uncovers key program drivers for an ethical organizational culture and improved business performance.

Download the report to get answers to questions like: 

Definitive Corporate Compliance Program Benchmark Report
  • What elements should my compliance program includ
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A Message From Our Partner
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In today's business world, data is a key player and driving force for compliance and competitive advantage. Regulations, governance practices and economics are continually shifting, demanding more adaptability from companies and leaving little room for error. When corporations drop the ball on data, whether it be inaccurate, insecure or sloppy by nature, they lose control and can undermine the very foundation of th

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Dear Global Risk Community member,
Did you know that 78 percent of companies still rely at least partially on manual compliance processes?
I am pleased to announce the launch of the State of Compliance 2019 report, where you can find more industry insights such as these, and benchmarks to use in defining and building your compliance program.
The report provides a year-over-year comparison of the demands faced by compliance teams, and examines how teams plan to address them.
Download the
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Attend this webinar  Decoding the DOJ’s Guidelines: An Insider's Guideto get insight into the recently updated DOJ guidance. 


Hear the perspective of Hui Chen, original author of the Department of Justice's compliance guideline, "Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs". You'll learn how to translate the questions in the guide into logic you can use to build an effective program.


Date: Wednesday May 15

Time: 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Speakers: Hui Chen, former DOJ Compliance Counsel Expert & C

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In late September, Facebook announced that it had discovered a breach in its network that had exposed the personal data of nearly 50 million users to hackers.

The hackers exploited a feature in Facebook’s code to gain access to user accounts, potentially enabling them to take control of them. The breach was the largest in Facebook’s fourteen years of existence.

The fallout Facebook is facing from this breach is the latest example of the see-through economy at work. Since September 27, Facebook’s m

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It’s been a rough two years for Wells Fargo.

Ever since the existence of the bank’s massive cross-selling scandal came to light in 2016, Wells Fargo seemed to be trapped in a downward spiral of failure after failure in risk management. In 2016, we were the first to identify the root-cause of the cross-selling scandal as being a failed risk management program, and correctly predicted there would be more Wells Fargo risk management mishaps in the future.

In 2018, regulator investigations finally con

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Learning How to Test and Learn


Learning How to Test and Learn



Ross, Jeanne W. and Fonstad, Nils O.


Research Briefing


Digital Innovation

Business Agility

IT Governance

IT Investment and Portfolio Management

IT-based Business Transformation


Abstract: To counter pervasive uncertainties in the business and technology environment and prioritize the most strategic innovation projects from myriad options, companies can take a test-and-learn approach to innovation investments. From our analysis of t

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According to reports uncovered earlier this year, Volkswagen conducted diesel-emissions testing on humans and animals from 2013 to 2015.

This report is the latest development in a global scandal which revealed that VW diesel cars were emitting 40 times the legal standard of nitrogen oxide, causing smog and posing risks to public health. Volkswagen has already issued a guilty plea in response to federal charges of fraud and conspiracy in the United States and agreed to pay more than $26 billion in

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Facebook’s market capitalization dropped as much as $60 billion after reports emerged that Cambridge Analytica, the data consulting firm used by the Trump Campaign, was given the data of around 50 million Facebook users without their consent.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is the latest in a series of risk management failures that have plagued the social networking company, which has been grappling with its role in the dissemination of fake news propaganda during the 2016 U.S. presidential elect

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The Federal Reserve’s unprecedented sanctions against Wells Fargo announced on February 2, 2018, is a warning to bank boards: Directors, not just management, will be held accountable for failures in risk management that result from a lack of proper oversight.

In addition to having to replace four of its board directors, the sanctions are constraining Wells Fargo’s growth. The Fed is prohibiting Wells Fargo from growing its balance sheet beyond the $1.95 trillion it held at the end of 2017. The ba

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