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According to reports uncovered earlier this year, Volkswagen conducted diesel-emissions testing on humans and animals from 2013 to 2015.

This report is the latest development in a global scandal which revealed that VW diesel cars were emitting 40 times the legal standard of nitrogen oxide, causing smog and posing risks to public health. Volkswagen has already issued a guilty plea in response to federal charges of fraud and conspiracy in the United States and agreed to pay more than $26 billion in

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Company reputation and the fallout from reputational damage are the number one strategic risk for large companies, according to a global survey, Exploring Strategic Risk, released by Deloitte. Overall, progress on strategic risk management is evident, though most executives admit that their programs do not support their business strategy well enough.

Reputational risk was ranked third among strategic risk concerns three years ago, according to companies surveyed. Also back in 2010, brand and econ

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Social Media for Security and Risk Management Professionals

Everything you NEED to know



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Social media is a growing influence on businesses and executive management.

Do you know they key issues affecting your business and how social media plays a role? 

This webinar is aimed at security and risk managers to help them quickly understand the issues, concerns and opportunities that social media presents.

The session will cover:

  • What social media really is for businesses
  • The big ones to be
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The use of the term “reputation risk” fits the pattern of hyped buzzwords, but the significant volume of money now spent managing corporate reputation risks proves it is more than hype. Reputation dynamics are forcing pivotal business decisions. Penn State increased its acceptance rate to offset a decline in out-of-state applications and an expected drop in the matriculation rate. Deutsche Bank’s CEO Josef Ackerman refused 3-year loans from the European Central Bank concerned it would damage the

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According to Wikipedia, “Best practices can also be defined as the most efficient (least amount of effort) and effective (best results) way of accomplishing a task, based on repeatable procedures that have proven themselves over time for large numbers of people.”

There are best practices for identifying and mitigating reputation risk in different types of companies as well as best practices for managing reputation as an asset. Please note that not every environment or every company is the same. Y

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The word "insulation" means to protect. This article is will be valuable for any Reputation manager, PR professional, Risk manager and Corporate Affairs executive.

Numerous studies including the Corporate Risk Barometer survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit a few years ago; have shown that the most significant issues facing business today are; reputation risk (defined as the threat of any event that can damage a company's reputation) and regulatory risk (defined as problems caused

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Can you Risk your reputation ?


Executive Summary: Sometimes your reputation in the industry is everything for you. Reputation is sacrosanct and hence any risk to the reputation of the company is considered high

I worked at Sony for many years. For a company such as Sony, the brand reputation is sacrosanct. Which means any incident or event which will bring bad name to the company will be considered a “high” risk event. This is much more accentuated because the company is Japanese .

For example a pharma company makes a mistake w

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Getting Real About Reputation Risk

Why should organizations be concerned about Reputation Risk?

As the world become more and more networked, more and more companies are exposed to a changing set of vulnerabilities. The landscape of risk has changed. No longer can any country or organization ignore the
happenings of 911, Bali and London.

In this new world, incidents can damage a good reputation purely because an organization can take too long to act decisively with problems. For instance a reputation damaging incident can become inte

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A company was fined a heavy penalty the other day for a a workplace accident that was caused by the company managers condoning illegal actions, because that is the "way we have always done it in the

In this case an unlicensed driver of a forklift caused an accident.

The company decided to plead guilty being negligent in terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, expecting a thousand rand (ZAR) fine, but thecourt decided a fine of R10000 would be more appropriate. The judge's words: " Do
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Definitions create the lenses through which we look at the world. The renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow said that if the only thing you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as a nail.

I start every seminar and presentation with definitions, sothat I can establish a common framework through which I can work with my audience. In particular there are a number of definitions to describe reputation and reputation risk, each serving a slightly different purpose.

These need to be further e
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Social media guidance

Please find below links to interesting policy documents related to Social Media. These links have been compiled by Hilmar Nierop who kindly granted his permission to distribute them for your use.

These documents have informational value for all users of social media in various countries with their distinctive legal and communications culture. After all, the global use of social media has such an impact that it provides an international substance which reigns over local legal form(s), rules and r
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