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Now in 2023 as ESG has transitioned from a value-adding business function to a strategic imperative for companies, it is time to take drastic action to integrate your sustainability and business strategy, adhere to evolving global regulations and position your life sciences organization for future success. 

I am therefore delighted to announce that the brand-new program for the 2nd Annual ESG in Life Science Summit launching today and this year’s event will be

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Future of Pharma digital event
In partnership with Pharma iQ - first session begins October 16th at 9:00 am EST
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Increase Regulatory Compliance and Drug Approval Rates.

Join Pharma iQ, Clarivate Analytics and our esteemed industry guests Wednesday, Oct. 16 for the exclusive Future of Pharma digital event titled: Simplifying Global Complexity: The Role of AI from Licensing to Regulat
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With only 4 weeks left until the Life Sciences Internal Audit Conference, February 8-9, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA, don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend the event!

Join key speakers, including:
Andy Weintraub, Director, Group Internal Audit at AstraZeneca
David Bolton, Internal Audit Manager at Biomet, Inc.
Tami McLaine, Director, Audit at Baxter International
Katie McCormick, Senior Manager, Corporate Analysis & Control at Boston Scientific Corporation
Jeffrey Antoon, Director, Corporate

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Can you Risk your reputation ?


Executive Summary: Sometimes your reputation in the industry is everything for you. Reputation is sacrosanct and hence any risk to the reputation of the company is considered high

I worked at Sony for many years. For a company such as Sony, the brand reputation is sacrosanct. Which means any incident or event which will bring bad name to the company will be considered a “high” risk event. This is much more accentuated because the company is Japanese .

For example a pharma company makes a mistake w

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