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The Definitive Guide to Ethics and Compliance Programmes

An effective ethics and compliance programme is critical to running a productive, reputable, and successful business. This complimentary guide, authored by business ethics consultancy StudioEtica and risk and compliance experts NAVEX Global, provides a step-by-step framework that will help your programme deliver on industry best practices to achieve optimum outcomes and programme ROI.

Whether you are looking to advance your existing ethic

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This is a transcription of our interview with Calvin Lee. You can watch the original video interview here or listen to the podcast episode here.


Boris: Welcome to our interview with Calvin Lee. Calvin is a co-founder and managing director at RiskID, which is a company that markets a collaborative risk management software that focuses on collaboration and ease of use. Calvin, thank you for coming to our interview today.

Calvin: Thank you very much,

Boris: Calvin, could you tell us a short story

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Life After Oracle GRC


Hi Global Risk Community member,

Oracle GRC for EBS has been moved to sustaining support. This means there will be no "new program updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates."

And even if you will be moving from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud, migrating your GRC will require significant effort to make use of a completely different security model. Now is a good time to start looking at GRC alternatives for your business applications.

Find out about your options:

  • Watch a short
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GRC tools have truly come of age in the past few years. There was a time when GRC solutions were clunky pieces of software which were hard to implement for businesses and cost millions of dollars to implement. Even though these solutions were so complicated, they did not really provide too much of a benefit and were only beneficial for very large businesses which had a lot of governance, risk, and compliance workloads. However, like all technologies, the price of GRC solutions has gone down, and

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This is a transcription of our interview with Anton Lissone, CTO at SAI Global.

You can wach the original video interview via the link below.


Boris. Welcome to the Risk Management Show. I am Boris, founder and CEO at Global Risk Community. In this episode, we are talking with Anton Lissone, CTO at SAI Global. SAI Global is the leading provider of integrated risk management solution, assurance and property ser

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Hi Global Risk Community member,
Join the most influential virtual gathering of governance, risk, compliance, audit, and IT GRC professionals from across the world at the GRC Summit 2020 scheduled from November 16 -18. It is hosted by MetricStream, the global market leader for Integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions.

The recent virtual GRC Summit held in May had over 2,000 delegates from over 1,400 organizations.


Some of the confirmed speakers include promin

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This is a transcript of our interview with Ketan Dholakia, a Managing partner at Maclear.

You can watch the original video interview here

Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our interview with Ketan Dholakia. Ketan is a managing partner at Maclear and he’s enabling companies to tackle the challenge of regulatory compliance and risk management.


Maclear is a consulting and software company in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space with more than 85.000 users. So Kethan, thank

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Training delivered by experts, 100% online.
IFF Training
Dear Global Risk Community member,
The current situation regarding coronavirus means organisations are making quick yet calculated moves to maintain business continuity, while securing their employees' health. As a result we have seen a big leap in demand for our distance learning courses as well as our customised digital solutions.

While this health epidemic hopefully won't last too long we have resp

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Corporate compliance means that corporate behavior complies with laws, regulations, internal rules and regulations, and business ethics. With the globalization and scale of business operations, compliance management has become an indispensable part of corporate management. For global companies and large companies, scientific and systematic compliance management has become an inevitable requirement for business management.  


It is necessary to emphasize and value effective compliance management.

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Understanding the rise of Regtech

Since the 2008 financial crisis, private banks have been confronted with a growing flow of regulatory requirements relating to customer identification, the fight against money laundering, the fight against the financing of terrorism, prevention of corruption, compliance with tax compliance, etc. In other words, regulators require banking institutions an ever-deeper knowledge of their customers (KYC). 

These compliance requirements impose a higher and higher cost on banks, not only because of the

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When SAI Global founded Compliance Officer Day in 2016, we were in the midst of significant changes to the compliance discipline and the roles of the professionals dedicated to it. The speed the industry has evolved since can be surprising even to those closest to it. 

With changing regulatory obligations and shifting societal expectations, the role of the compliance officer has become a multi-dimensional challenge. Not only has the skillset of compliance officers grown in tandem with the velocit

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8028306289?profile=originalTechnology is rapidly evolving.  As companies adapt to the evolving landscape, they look to third-party vendors to carry out various processes and procedures. When evaluating software vendors in risk management, what should organizations take into consideration? Often, companies look to industry analysts and reports, such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant, for answers. This report uses just two dimensions to represent a vendor’s position in the market: 1) Ability to Execute and 2) Completeness of Vi
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8028299277?profile=originalThe Internal Institute of Auditors (IIA) and ISACA held their 2019 Governance, Risk, and Control Conference from August 12th to 14th in Fort Lauderdale. This year I was honored to be selected to speak on the effects of data privacy risks in the See-Through Economy in my presentation, “Prepare for a Data Governance Revolution with a Risk-Based Approach.”

Each year, powerhouse risk governance associations ISACA and the IIA bring together the leaders of  the governance, risk, and control (GRC) indus

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Enterprise Risk Management is a major part of risk management framework which organizes, plans, controls and leads the functions of an organization in order to reduces the possible risks that may affect the organization. Many organizations claim that they find ERM easy and implements it in the easiest way but it’s not the actual story. It requires a rare combination of organizational hierarchy and strong executive management. The most explicit concerns that generally a company faces are normally

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Most people do not understand why organizations need dedicated erm software solutions to manage enterprise risk, but that is only because most people do not understand how vital enterprise risk management can be. Managing risks is simple in our personal lives and for small businesses, because only a few risks need to be worried about. There is no need to quantify and assess these risks, because it is easy to keep track of them all due to their low quantity and small size. However, when we start

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Almost every business in the country is bound by regulations. There are regulations that govern the way a business can treat its employees, the way it can operate in its environment, and so on. Different industries have varying amounts of regulation. There are industries where regulation is minimal, and businesses are generally not worried about regulatory bodies breathing down their neck. Then there are industries where everything is governed by regulations – where there are so many regulations

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Compliance management system has become one of the most important and fundamental concern for all the organization specifically in financial institutions. With the help of compliance management tracking software, companies are able to track, save and identify data, risk, threat and fraud. This system ensures that the whole organization is synced with each other and having updates regarding all the happenings and information of the company where they are also able to respond with their best possi

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The banking industry is perceived as the most advanced in their understanding and implementation of risk management. Although banks have indeed made huge progress in risk management, two areas all banks can improve is the structure used in conducting their assessments to enable actionable and insightful strategic reporting.

8028296299?profile=originalI’ve found that the understanding and implementation of risk management is driven not by industry or size of institution, but rather by its people: boards, executives, their t

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GRC strategies to be made in 2019

GRC refers to Governance, Risk and Compliance which means to ensure that proper policies and controls are implemented in your organization for the monitoring of risk and to setup a system for check and balance if new risk arises. While incorporating GRC with technology, it helps in implementing proper control, compliance management system, documentation and also helps in meeting the objective of an organization. It just not helps in mitigating risk but also to evaluate it and providing best poss

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