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Are your board and management truly in sync when it comes to defining acceptable risk levels?  Bridging this gap is often easier said than done, yet it is a crucial component for your organization to meet its goals.  A well-defined, practical approach to educate the board and align thinking is the key to empowering your organization to take and accept the right amount of risk. 
Join David Tattam, Protecht’s Chief Research and Content Officer and Michael Ho

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Join Protecht’s upcoming webinar on "How integrating IT and enterprise incident frameworks can improve your resilience" on Thursday, March 30th at 3pm-4pm ET. Protecht’s Michael Howell and Terence Lee will provide an overview of incident management, and how an integrated approach can improve your operational resilience.

They will cover:

  • Different types of incidents
  • Integrating IT-related incidents with enterprise incidents
  • Incidents in the operational resilie
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Reuters Insurance

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The warp speed of tech advancement means that carriers must now also be tech companies - which is only possible with the right people.

But attracting and retaining such widely sought after talent is tough, even amidst the wave of tech expertise currently entering the market. Competing with start-ups and more “innovative” sectors; meeting candidates diverse needs and utilizing talent effectively - your talent strategy is essential to execute your change agend

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Did you know that corporate penalties for US regulatory violations have ballooned to over $60 billion annually? Fines jeopardize your company’s bottom line and reputation. Not only do you need to monitor compliance, you also need to do all you can to mitigate risk and know your compliance risk posture.
In their continuing series on risk management, Protecht’s Chief Research and Content Officer David Tattam and VP of North America Terence Lee are having a con

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Power What's Next with Integrated GRC: Latest Trends and Cutting-Edge Innovations

To accelerate growth and ensure business resilience, organizations need to adopt an integrated assurance approach that combines enterprise & operational risk, regulatory compliance, audit, vendor risk, and IT & cyber risk management programs rather than relying on, siloed programs, spreadsheets, and legacy applications.

Join this live webinar featuring Sidhartha Dash, Research Director at Chartis Research, the l

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Keeping up-to-date with legal changes across multiple jurisdictions and international boundaries is a challenge for every business. This on-demand webinar explores how to keep track of only the regulations that matter to your business, and how to ensure individual sites remain compliant.

Watch the webinar here:

In this webinar, in partnership with IsoMetrix, you will learn:

  • 7 steps to perfecting compliance management across a multi-jurisdictional environment
  • How to link risk and consequence to site-
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For insurance carriers, automation can be a dangerous game as customers demand both a frictionless, automated claims process and access to understanding claims handlers. How do you find the right balance?

With chatbots at FNOL, image analytics estimating damage more accurately than any human, and complex claims being fast-tracked to claims adjusters, virtual claims handling delivers the efficiency that customers expect with the empathy customers need. Join our panel of experts as they share insig

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With 90% of carriers actively investing in new data projects, project failure is not an option.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become mainstays in the insurance industry, equipping insurance companies with tools that can help them to become more efficient and profitable than ever before. But with the stakes so high, carrier executives are immobilized - the volume of cutting-edge data sources has exploded and the vast majority won’t implement a project if they’re not

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8028309281?profile=originalIn an age where customers are demanding their Insurance Carrier be more like Amazon or PayPal with a smooth, touchless customer experience, Insurance Carriers face multiple obstacles to satisfying this demand. Chief among them is the overwhelming multitude of technologies available to reach that touchless claims goal.


77% of insurance carriers will invest in automation in the next few years to achieve seamless claims. The incredible potential to leverage technology stretches across the claims la

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LONDON, 22 NOVEMBER 2019: Insurance leaders to join Insurance Nexus to discuss strategies to successfully implement insurance technology, Wednesday, December 11, 10am EDT.

It is generally now accepted that for insurance, innovation is a ‘must-have’, rather than a luxury. To attract and retain consumers today, to remain competitive and efficient in business, Insurance companies are increasingly turning to the growing number of technological solutions on the market, such as AI, chatbots, automation

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To address this question, and more, Insurance Nexus will be joined on Wednesday, September 8th for an exclusive webinar, Key Strategies to Deliver for Future Readiness, taking place at 11am ET. Moderator Paul Winston (Chief Operating Officer, Insurance Thought Leadership) will be joined by Scott Steele (Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Church Mutual Insurance Company) and Racquel L Santana (Vice President, eBusiness Strategy and Execution, Travelers) to discuss the strategies they are

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CHICAGO: Insurance Nexus webinar to explore how insurance carriers can collaborate with brokers and clients to build customer-centric cyber insurance policies, July 30th, 11am ET

Cyber-crime is not new, but as the methods of nefarious actors have become more sophisticated, the defensive capabilities of organizations have failed to keep pace. Cyber-attacks on organizations show no signs of abating, they are becoming increasingly indiscriminate in their targeting, with small and medium sized firms

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To win the customer’s heart, insurers cannot afford to lag behind on customer-focused innovation. Throughout the claims journey they must deliver interactive, personalised experiences. Whilst there are many barriers to implementing AI and analytics effectively to drive results across customer service and claims, it is essential for winning and retaining customers in the future.

Insurance Nexus is hosting a live webinar on the 26th June which poses fundamental questions to two leading insurers on

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The competition between European insurers has never been greater. As impactful technology becomes cheaper to access and more widely available, insurers must meet customer needs and demands now, or lose their customers forever; outdated products, inefficient processes and poor customer service are no longer acceptable.

As insurance’s ‘moment of truth’, the claims process is a critical priority for insurers. Although complex, condensing ease of access, transparency, speed and quality customer servi

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Senior claims officers from two leading insurance carriers, USAA and Esurance, will participate in a live, free webinar, hosted by Insurance Nexus, on the transformative effect of Connected Claims. These leading executives will explore how they expect the new era of connected claims to deliver unprecedented business efficiency and superior customer experience.


Our research has revealed that carriers are already on the path towards the ‘organization-wide’ approach to Connected Claims transformati

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TORONTO: Leading Canadian insurers to share strategies for exceeding customer expectations in exclusive webinar, April 3rd, 10am CDT


In-step with global trends, the Canadian insurance industry is witnessing a rapid shift towards customer-centricity. In this setting, the need to understand exactly what customers want, and to then effectively deliver on this vision, from quote to claim, has never been so vital. But for legacy carriers jostling for space with the new breeds of agile start-ups and d

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To contract a vendor is to initiate a relationship: when you don’t know who you’re really dealing with, you expose your enterprise to risks that can have enduring consequences.

Join ProcessUnity’s 45-minute webcast on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST and see how forward-thinking organizations are modernizing their vendor onboarding process.

Our team of experts will discuss how to:

  • Eliminate time-intensive admin steps to create vendor information
  • Streamline onboarding processes by engaging
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We invite you to hear from leading experts as they address CECL challenges faced by financial institutions.

With CECL posing a significant challenge for the banking industry, advance your preparation by joining two seasoned industry practitioners on our latest webinar on CECL implementation. Our webinar will address a beginning-to-end overview of CECL implementation, starting with a review of the standard, contrasting interpretations of the standard, and the associated challenges. The presenters

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Managing Risk with Options


Our partner, TraderMinute.com launched its first public $100K challenge in March of 2013. The Challenge is a unique concept where they try to turn $3,000 into $100,000 in only 4 months! They use a live brokerage account and allow active subscribers to follow each trade in real time via email, text, and live video.  The question is: Have they ever turned $3k into $100k? Yes: They have accomplished this feat twice with other success of 47K, 19K, 21K, 4K, and 4 losses.

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