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Join Protecht’s upcoming webinar on "How integrating IT and enterprise incident frameworks can improve your resilience" on Thursday, March 30th at 3pm-4pm ET. Protecht’s Michael Howell and Terence Lee will provide an overview of incident management, and how an integrated approach can improve your operational resilience.

They will cover:

  • Different types of incidents
  • Integrating IT-related incidents with enterprise incidents
  • Incidents in the operational resilie
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High inflation, the war in Ukraine, and Covid-19 have caused major disruptions to our economy. While we may not have control over these disruptions, we must develop the muscle memory to anticipate, mitigate, and minimize such shocks to our organizations. That is where operational resilience comes in.

In continuing the year-long series of risk management webinars, join thought leaders from The Protecht Group for a session on operational resilience. The web

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The uncertain times, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, have spur leaders to reflect on what kind of organization, culture, and Pic-1-Team-Resiliency-300x200.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_710xoperating model they need to put in place. This is to avoid returning to previous patterns of behavior and instead, be able to embrace the next normal.

In this rapidly changing environment, people in organizations need to respond with urgency, without senior executives and traditional governance slowing things down. Waiting to decide, or even waiting for approval, is th

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8028317477?profile=originalReducing the fragility of global Supply Chains in the event of disruption through natural or other disasters is a major concern for most senior executives.  This rings true more so now than ever, as the world grapples with COVID-19, the worst human health crisis in 100 years.

The strategies to enhance the effectiveness and readiness level of Supply Chains and to reduce risks associated with disruption come with a price.  These costs are critical to build Supply Chain Resilience across all industr

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This is a transcript of our interview with Jim Wetekamp, CEO at Riskonnect.

You can watch the original video interview here



Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our interview with Jim Wetekamp. Jim is a CEO at Riskonnect, Riskonnect is a global leader in integrated risk management technology and the world’s largest risk information and system provider. Jim, thank you for coming to our interview today. Could you please tell me a short story about Riskonnect?

Jim: Sure, I appreciat

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In today’s digital age, organizations are faced with the changing nature of the demand curve and the element of uncertainty in the pic-1-Digital-Supply-Chain-Strategy-300x200.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_710xsupply chain. For operations teams, the challenge and competitive advantage have become: How well do you respond and execute against ongoing uncertainty.

With the world being so unpredictable, chaos is now the new normal. Timetables and priorities have shifted. A supplier fails to deliver. Demands on supply chains are increasing exponentially. A few years ago, supply

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This white paper is intended for readers who are familiar with Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery (DR) and the processes to develop and manage related policies, standards and procedures.  The purpose is to provide guidance to the effective implementation and maintenance of resilience and disaster recovery capability of IT systems, and is applicable, by scaling, to all sizes of business organisation. A full copy of the paper is at

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8028248460?profile=originalI recently authored a whitepaper for the Society of Actuaries 2016 Risk Symposium, exploring the strategic value of risk management.

Here is the Abstract:  

Many top-performing businesses aren’t just risk aware, but rather risk intelligent. Such a posture helps prepare companies for a major event and can demonstrate to a regulator or auditor that an appropriately strong control framework is in place.

Better still, companies gain real strategic value from a “risk adjusted” understanding not only of

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Risk Leadership: Beyond Resilience

Risk Leadership: Beyond Resilience

I have long described the aim of Enterprise Risk Management to be to develop an Adaptive and Resilient organisation (check out my RMP Healthcheck).  In recent times the concept of Organisational Resilience has become popular, in particular for those in government and the owners and operators of critical infrastructure.  Both concepts, in my opinion, have similar aims, drivers, benefits and barriers and are about nurturing a successful organisation for decades a

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Global Risks 2013

Well the time of year has come around again for the World Economic Forum and its various research publications on Risk Management. This year the whole program is dedicated to the theme of resilience.
In this short blog posting, we'll take a look at the WEF report on Global risks 2013 and which country comes out best as a leader in risk management.
Before reading on however, can you guess who is going to be at the top of the league table?
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