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In light of the Federal Reserve's new, updated guidance on operational resilience for banks and financial institutions, the need for a comprehensive operational resilience strategy to deliver operations through any disruption, with disaster recovery as a critical component, is of greatest importance.
In partnership with Protecht North America, experts in integrated enterprise risk management, vendor risk management and business continuity, we're pleased to offer T

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are embracing new technologies to adapt to changing circumstances. New technologies expand business capabilities including process re-engineering and automation which has revolutionized the way businesses operate, making them more efficient and agile. Additionally, cloud platforms have provided universal access to applications, empowering mobile and remote workforces.
However, these transformative ev

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 5 complimentary templates to help you plan and prepare for a safe return for employees
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COVID-19 has transformed how companies operate in ways that are likely to persist for years to come. Bringing employees back on-site during and after the pandemic is sure to be challenging.

Download 5 free templates to make planning managing the associated risks to your business easier.

The Back-to-Work Planning Kit Includes:

  • Back-to-Work O
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Operational Risk

From cyber risks and political change to machine learning and data analytics, both negative and positive events continue to impact organizations. Operational risk and its supporting software play a critical role here; but how can its activities add value along the way?

Download our free White Paper to take a closer look at each part of the operational risk management process to uncover

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This is just a quick reminder to share with you about the VIP invitation to the 
Mastering Operational Risk Course  http://globalriskacademy.com/courses/orm

We've got many questions about this course so I wanted to answer them here before we run out of the 100 licenses limit for the RISKID tool for this year.  

Q: “Does this course include only theory?”

A: Absolutely not. You will learn many practical skills which you can apply immediately, for example, on how to conduct RCSA or Risk Self As

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On company’s risk dashboard, the signal for operational risk should be flashing red. Over the past ten years, losses from operational risk have soared. Companies that want to achieve a sustainable and profitable business need to focus on building a framework to manage operational risk.



What Is Operational Risk?


Operational risk summarizes the risks a company undertakes when it attempts to operate within a given field or industry. Operational risk is the risk not inherent in financial, syste

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Operational risk and its supporting software play a critical role in an organization; but how can its activities add value along the way?
Have a look at the White Paper: Operational Risk and Supporting Software and learn from recent trends in operational risk, risk management and GRC software to support risk identification, assessment, consolidation, and more.

==>  Learn more

What are your thoughts on this topic? Please share in the comments

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I’m writing to invite you to webinar titled “ Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package” on June 27 at 10:00am EST / 15:00 BST

Join me and our guest, Calvin Lee, Operations Director at RISKID, for a lively discussion as we aim to dispel confusion surrounding many of the elements of the Operational Risk framework.

This webinar is designed for both current students of the “Mastering Operational Risk” online course and for other busy risk professionals who are interest

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8028258265?profile=originalA lesson many businesses learn the hard way is that in today's ever-changing and complex regulatory and political environment operational risks appear to be increasingly exponentially. In order to take control of Operational Risk leaders of the company and risk managers need to have the answers to many questions. Can I profitably grow my business? How do I effectively monitor my outsourced activities? Am I paying enough attention to the risk I am taking on?

With every business having its own ri

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I thought I would post a quick note about a recent blog post one of our clients wrote about their risk management initiative and the benefits it has brought.

In this post, the Head of Operational Risk talks about risk management becoming invisible in the organisation and the challenges of proving (to regulators) that risk management is been undertaken if indeed it does become invisible.

I think it is worth a read - http://www.hml.co.uk/blog/2011/09/23/risk-management-driving-value-from-a-long-game

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