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8272621083?profile=originalSupply chain management across industries is being revolutionized at a rapid pace by technology.  By implementing technology systems, supply chain organizations aspire to eliminate waste, meet customers’ needs at reasonable costs, and ensure profitability.   Enterprise Resource Planning systems facilitate in processing unstructured data at an aggregated level.  However, at workflow or micro level the data produced through ERPs needs to be further refined to understand costs.

Supply chain experts

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The emerging enterprises of industries have time and again considered enterprise data management solutions as a savior in the era of big data. Enterprise data management provides an ability to accurately define, integrate, and retrieve data for internal applications as well as external communication. The technology focuses on the creation of accurate, transparent, as well as consistent content.


A successful data management program is cost-efficient because you would have fewer data management cha

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Columbia University has awarded me a Dean's Grant to assess advancements in ERM practice and Risk Governance. This survey is designed to evaluate current and planned advanced practice in ERM Risk Governance. The results from this survey will be used to improve instructional design for ERM students and to provide guidance to students about the skills and competencies needed to prepare for a career in risk management.

Your participation will help advance our instruction and provide participants in

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Content Services is an emerging method to logically and efficiently capture the information, which is further delivered to the right department or the process of using digital channels (typically through the cloud). Content Services is based in the cloud, therefore, it ensures that the businesses are addressing the changing the compliance requirements along with remaining cost-effective and scalable. Content services are a set of services and micro services that are personified either as a combi

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

OneBankAssure: Customer Intimacy Through Machine




Title Author(s) Type Topic(s) Comments Date
OneBankAssure: Customer Intimacy Through Machine Learning Beath, Cynthia M.
Tarafdar, Monideepa
Ross, Jeanne W.
Working Paper Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Enterprise Architecture
IT-based Business Transformation
0 2018-03-12

Abstract: OneBankAssure [a pseudonym] sought to delight its customers by delivering new digital value propositions that exploited new data scie

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What’s worse than a vendor that suffers a data breach that exposes your sensitive customer information? The answer: A vendor that waits almost six months to tell you about it.

That’s the issue that both Sears and Delta Air Lines are facing after a malware attack on each of the company’s online chat services vendors. Hundreds of thousands of customers’ payment information was accessed, including payment card account numbers, expiration dates, names, and addresses, reports Gizmodo. Sears and Delta

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marcus evans will host the 4th Annual Proactive Operational Risk Management Conference, February 5-7, 2018 in New York, NY. This conference will enable institutions to better evaluate their operational risk programs so as to understand its value and how to improve. Delegates will gain knowledge on how to better identify and manage significant and emerging risks such as conduct risk and fraud, how to clarify responsibilities across departments and 3LOD and they will examine the regulatory environ

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an approach prescribed to manage and balance organization's risk with their objectives. It looks to provide a strategic overview of an institution and their risks. Since the global financial crisis, institutions were criticized for their apparent siloed approach to risk management, failures to bring each area together for a holistic overview of risk to manage within its risk appetite. ERM provides a central risk function to improve an institution's coordinatio

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What is Domestic Political Risk?

8028245660?profile=originalPolitical risk refers to conditions and events that affect organizations and result from governmental decisions. It can have major effects on the profitability/expected value of economic action. Political risks impact individual investors, public and private companies of all sizes, and governments.

Starting in 2016, political risk seemed closer to home after the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU), often referred to as Brexit, causing instant

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IMPACT 2016 has come and gone, and risk practitioners from across the United States and Europe were thrilled with the results. IMPACT 2016 was differentiated by the passion behind real customer stories, all shared with actionable takeaways. Topics included third-party risk management, performance integration, cybersecurity, and reporting to the board.

LogicManager’s annual ERM community conference was a breeding ground for new ideas and best practices, drawn from a broad range of industries. We’r

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8028248460?profile=originalI recently authored a whitepaper for the Society of Actuaries 2016 Risk Symposium, exploring the strategic value of risk management.

Here is the Abstract:  

Many top-performing businesses aren’t just risk aware, but rather risk intelligent. Such a posture helps prepare companies for a major event and can demonstrate to a regulator or auditor that an appropriately strong control framework is in place.

Better still, companies gain real strategic value from a “risk adjusted” understanding not only of

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8028248691?profile=originalA couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine came to tell me about a new finding that she knew I'd love: BCM helps reduce data breach costs.

All I could think was, 'FINALLY.'

This is something that I've been telling clients for years: BCM is more valuable to your business than you can possibly imagine.

The new research from Ponemon Institute found that data breaches now cost as much as $4m - to say nothing of reputational hits. And, you could face a double whammy with higher insurance premiums, too.


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According to QuickBase CEO, Allison Mnookin, “The low-code market has finally arrived.” Citizen development is helping enterprises slash IT backlogs and is empowering business users to build self-service solutions, particularly in the governance, risk, and compliance space.

When it comes to customizing and developing applications, it is often a catch-22. It can be difficult to get feedback without a prototype, yet you don’t want to develop a mockup until you understand exactly what the requiremen

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8028246098?profile=originalPlains All American Pipeline, a major player in the oil and gas industry, faces $2.8 million in fines, and a grand jury indicted the company on 46 criminal charges – four of them felonies – according to The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, a Plains employee is being individually charged and faces a multi-year prison term. This is part of a trend set in motion in 2015, when the Department of Justice announced a new policy. It now prosecutes corporate individuals for negligence in risk and compl

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Increased Board Accountability is Real

8028244294?profile=originalBy this point, the Volkswagen scandal is old news (we first blogged about it last October). Yet details about the case continue to emerge, most recently about board accountability. As of last week, a Volkswagen “internal probe into its emissions-cheating scandal found no evidence of wrongdoing by members of senior management…” In other words, VW’s Board didn’t know about the deception until it was too late.

This might appear to be a good thing, but actually VW is making its situation worse. Why?

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Learn the Most Advanced Business Strategy in the World


The Delta Model: Putting Customers before Products


Presented by:

Enrique Suarez



For many years the ultimate goal of strategy has been to achieve a competitive advantage. Organizations have operated more or less as if they are at war with one another, vying only to offer the superior product. But with the interconnection made possible by the Internet and other new technologies, it is clear that this approa

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Cybersecurity a “Must” for Credit Unions

Credit union online news agency CUInsight.com recently published an article declaring cybersecurity a “must” for credit unions. In support of its position, author Stuart Levine cites more than 400 incidents – recorded by the Identity Theft Resource center in 2015 – putting at least 80 million records at risk and tallying costs in excess of $100 million for the targeted organization.

What’s the best way for credit unions to tackle cybersecurity risk management? The author suggests credit unions st

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Here at LogicManager, we’ve spent a lot of time considering issues related to cybersecurity. To find a new way in which a cybercriminal has exploited electronic vulnerabilities, all you need to do is skim today’s newspaper, which will almost inevitably report a data breach or fraud-related scandal. An evolving set of threats means incident likelihood is increasing, and generally, cybersecurity risks have serious impacts – meaning such risks have very high inherent indices, or combinations of imp

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The concept of cyberattacks, while still disturbing, is no longer as new and unfamiliar as it was five years ago. However, we are still seeing money invested in inefficient and ineffective risk mitigation responses. All the major corporations that have suffered breaches had sophisticated control solutions in place. Even so, their risk exposure was significant in known but uncovered areas, all thanks to poor risk management.

Companies are buying and implementing point solutions despite not underst

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Gerry Grimstone, keynote speaker at the IIA’s recent conference in London, has a message for senior executives.

“You can’t easily blame a board member for not knowing something,” Grimstone said. “But you can blame a board member for creating a culture where he doesn’t know something.”

Grimstone spoke at length about the latest example of poor board oversight, Volkswagen’s recent side-steps in ERM and increasingly costly emissions scandal. “Do you really think there weren’t people who didn’t know t

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