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Join Fastpath in a galaxy far, far away to learn about the evolving requirements for strong controls in your business applications and how best to mitigate the risks of the evil Empire of fraud. These internal threats stem from your business applications and need to be controlled if you are to achieve balance in your internal control system, but unfortunately are oftentimes overlooked. 
Join Fastpath on May 4 at 11AM

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In this article TechDrive Support Inc discussed about 5 cyber security tips that can help you stay safe from any cyber attacks. ✔ Stay protected, #Alert-from-Scams-cyber-security-tips @TechDrive_Support_Inc.
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TechDrive Support Inc has come up to warn customers of such scams, because nowadays tech scams are a common issue worldwide. ✔Stay alert and get updated #protect-yourself-from-tech-scams @TechDrive Support Inc
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New year, same Separation of Duties challenges? Let’s change that!

Start 2023 right by attending our upcoming webinar where we will review best practices for Separation of Duties within and across enterprise business applications as well as key components to prevent fraud in your ERP.
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Fastpath and Global Risk Community

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Many organizations use multiple business applications for maximum productivity. They use best-of-breed software to manage various aspects of their business, including finances, sales, and human resources.
While this approach offers many advantages, there are also potential risks.
When the same person has authority across these applications to create transactions, there is a possibility for fraud that may go undetected for months.

For example, a user can crea

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The analyst group, Gartner, has said, "Effective segregation of duties (SOD) controls can reduce the risk of internal fraud by up to 60% through early detection of internal process failures in key business systems."
And in a survey by KPMG, over 50% of respondents said they have more than 10 in-scope business applications for SOX compliance, but less than 30% of them had a tool that supports cross-application SOD reviews.
Failure to maintain adequate segregation

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Identity fraud is becoming an increasing problem day after day for businesses. Criminals create new mechanisms for fraud as identity theft tends to raise problems for customers. According to the 2019 Javelin Plan and Analysis Identity Fraud Report, in 2018, there were 14.4 million users who had become victims of identity fraud, down from 16.7 million in 2017, the record figure. Identity theft in 2018 was nevertheless more burdensome: 3.3 million individuals were liable, about three times as many

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As your company grows and uses more complex business systems, there is increasing risk that users can leverage their access to these systems for fraud or abuse.

While many applications have tools that offer user access controls, these controls don’t extend to other integrated applications, creating security gaps that can

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Live presentation - Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform

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We would like to invite you to a live presentation of a new real-time fraud prevention & bot mitigation solution by Group-IB.

Date and time: November 18, 2020, 10:00 a.m. (GMT+1)
Format: Live stream

During the presentation you will learn:

  • The most relevant fraud threats you should know about
  • Why the current fraud protection approaches might not be enough
  • How Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform can help you prev
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This is a transcript of our interview with Dean Nicolls, VP Marketing at Jumio

You can watch the original video interview here

Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Dean Nicolls. Dean is a VP of marketing at Jumio corporation and in this role he is helping Jumio become the number one global brand in digital identity verification. 

Jumio is the leading ID credentials authentication company that helps businesses reduce fraud, meet regulations and increase revenue whil

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What is Synthetic Identity Theft?

Identity theft is when a person steals another person’s private and personal information, generally to make money from it. You probably already knew this, but have you heard of synthetic identity theft? This is a bit different.

14D_new.jpgWith synthetic identity theft, a person creates a new and very fake identity by combining the real information from a person with made-up information. You might not think this is a big deal, but it can be very bad for anyone who has their identity stolen.

Here are three way

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By Sophie Bottazzi, Senior Research Executive, CeFPro

The payment industry in Europe continues to evolve with the huge influx of new payments providers in the market, increased regulatory demand and evolving customer expectations of products and services. With the implementation of PSD2/Open Banking becoming more embedded, the payments landscape continues to evolve as APIs open up customer data for more institutions to leverage. With such increased demand and competition comes heightened regulato

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Have you ever seen a house and thought…I wish I could afford that? Some people actually try it, but let this story be a lesson learned: if you can’t afford the cost of a house, you probably shouldn’t try to buy it.

Pamela Chandler was arrested and now faces forgery charges after she tried to purchase a home with a million-dollar price tag. How did she do it? She used false documents. Chandler, who also goes as Pamela Goldwyn, was arrested by a special Financial Crimes Task Force in Bossier City,

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Combating Financial Crime for FinTechs

For me, founding NorthRow wasn’t just about the business opportunity, but a chance to make a difference to the devastating effects that fraud and other forms of financial crime can have on individuals and companies.

Witnessing the corrosive effect of fraud on a family business was a key inspiration and I’ve embraced the opportunity to use my background in software, data and business to found a venture that now digitally transforms clients’ onboarding and monitoring processes, helps prevent fraud

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The problem for cyber security in the life insurance sector is very severe, as is the case in other sectors such as banking, healthcare, etc. The insurance industry has a huge amount of client data and clients have a lot of confidence in the organizations with whom they do business.

What is insurance fraud detection?

The insurance industry is moving to a contemporary paradigm that focuses on risk mitigation and prevention instead of financial loss compensation. This is driving the development of n

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I posted an essay with a similar title at academia here

There should be a risk free investment because its absence is slowing the world's economies.

You can read more here:

and here:



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Approximately 885 million digital documents have been exposed from mortgage deals that date back to 2003. First American Financial Corp is a provider of title insurance, as well as other services for the mortgage and real estate industries, and it allowed millions of records to be exposed according to one report.

The exposure is likely to put a variety of bank account statements and account numbers at risk, as well as Social Security numbers, tax records, wire transaction receipts, mortgage recor

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If you have been thinking about a credit freeze, you probably should know that the process is designed so that a creditor cannot see your credit report unless you specifically allow it. This process blocks any potential creditors from viewing or pulling your file, which makes it much more difficult for an identity thief to apply for new credit using your name or information. For links to freeze your credit at the 3 major bureaus go to How to Freeze My Credit. However, there have been reports of

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Recently, a man was accused of pretending to be a real estate agent just to steal some jewelry from an open house. According to Toronto police, he has been arrested.

The victims are a couple (their identity isn’t being listed for their safety). They had an open house in a small city called Oakville. It’s in Ontario, which is about an hour west of Toronto (also in Canada). According to the investigators, a 29-year-old man saw an online ad for the open house. He decided to pretend that he was a rea

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