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Access orchestration doesn’t need to be complex.
Today’s business leaders have a complicated set of security and compliance challenges and are faced with an unnecessarily complex set of solutions in the marketplace. Fastpath is rebranding!
Fastpath’s new look and solution unifies ideiio, an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution, to expand our offering beyond Access Controls to include full identity, security, and lifecycle management. With Fast

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Understanding the Workday Security Model 

Workday provides mechanisms for managing critical user access. However, understanding the Workday security model and effectively implementing a secure user provisioning process within an organization is still challenging for many IT and security teams.

Fastpath is offering an eBook, Workday Access Security Using Fastpath Assure, that outlines the primary elements of the Workday security model and how Fastpath can help your business implement an enterpris

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Your business systems hold critical information about your company, so it’s important to know who has access into these systems and what they are doing with that access.

Fastpath and OCEG have created an infographic that shows the benefits of an automated, audit-ready access control framework.

Read this infographic to discover how to:

  • Improve efficiency in your audit processes
  • Reduce errors
  • Decrease exposure to penalties from employee theft and compliance viola
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Life After Oracle GRC


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Oracle GRC for EBS has been moved to sustaining support. This means there will be no "new program updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates."

And even if you will be moving from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud, migrating your GRC will require significant effort to make use of a completely different security model. Now is a good time to start looking at GRC alternatives for your business applications.

Find out about your options:

  • Watch a short
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Free eBook: Common SAP security mistakes and how to fix them


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Maintaining SAP system security can be difficult.

SAP systems offer powerful security features to help find and correct system security violations. It is the responsibility of the developers, administrators, and emergency response teams to ensure system security is maintained and to review new code before it is moved into production.

However, even knowing about these tools,

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As your company grows and uses more complex business systems, there is increasing risk that users can leverage their access to these systems for fraud or abuse.

While many applications have tools that offer user access controls, these controls don’t extend to other integrated applications, creating security gaps that can

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This is a transcript of our recent interview with Frank Vukovits, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Fastpath about 

You can watch the original video interview here

8028338083?profile=originalBoris: Welcome to our Risk management Show interview with Frank Vukovits. Frank is a director of Strategic Partnerships at Fastpath, which is the leader in audit, compliance and security solutions for mid market companies. Frank, thank you for taking your time and coming to our interview today.

Frank: Great to be here. Thank you

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