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In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance cannot be overstated. AML professionals face numerous challenges in detecting and preventing illicit activities, including increasing data volumes, sophisticated money laundering techniques, and stringent regulations. However, big data analytics has emerged as a powerful tool to strengthen AML compliance efforts. Big data's ability to analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sou
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Due to time, cost and loss of productivity required to deliver a KYC remediation project, many firms delay activity or avoid the challenge altogether until the regulator comes to call. 

However, with the current market volatility and increasing levels of financial crime, sitting on a back-book of inaccurate or out-dated client data will expose your business to significant commercial risk and reputational damage. 

Although the future remains uncertain - one thing is for sure: remediation and period

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Being part of a trusted network has its benefits. The connections you make help you stay informed, agile, and prepared to tackle new challenges.


A digital identity network is quite similar. It’s a trusted network of data partners and integrated technologies that leverages identity verification intelligence to support an effective risk-based approach to identity verification across borders.



Learn about Identity Networks

A digital identity network can:

  • Streamline internal KYC operation
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This is a transcript of our interview with Zac Cohen, COO at Trulioo.

You can watch the original interview here


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Zac Cohen. Zac is a Chief Operational Officer at Trulioo. Trulioo is a hyper growth Vancouver startup solving global identity challenges associated with international regulatory compliances, fraud, prevention and trust and safety online. Zac, thank you for taking your time and coming to our interview today.

Zac: It’s

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During these uncertain and challenging times, the way in which banks and financial institutions operate is changing.

With remote working now the norm, and likely to be so for the foreseeable future, reduced human interaction is something that businesses are having to deal with – and, because of that, digital transformation will, for many, have a bigger role to play than ever before when it comes to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and, ultimately, tackling finan

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This is a transcript of our interview with Dean Nicolls, VP Marketing at Jumio

You can watch the original video interview here

Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Dean Nicolls. Dean is a VP of marketing at Jumio corporation and in this role he is helping Jumio become the number one global brand in digital identity verification. 

Jumio is the leading ID credentials authentication company that helps businesses reduce fraud, meet regulations and increase revenue whil

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In any service identity verification works as the backbone of the system. The same is the case with the healthcare system. Proper identity verification is a necessity, because it's how a doctor knows that he is treating the right person with this specific medical history; a pharmacist knows he is handing over the right drug to the right person with this medical record; and it’s how a billing office knows he is mailing the right receipt to the right patient.

Healthcare identification needs to be a

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Trulioo, the leading global identity verification company, today announced that it now verifies customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through its electronic identity verification platform, GlobalGateway, helping to mitigate money laundering and fraud in two of the world’s fastest growing markets.

“Expanding our solution to both the Czech Republic and Slovakia is critical,” said Stephen Ufford, CEO and founder of Trulioo. “Not only are they two of the fastest growing economies in Europe, bu

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If you're working in Risk Management, I thought that you might be interested in joining the webinar on Fraud and Future of Digital Onboarding delivered by our partners at Onfido.

If that's the case please register via the link below

or reply in the comments and I will register you manually. 


Join this webinar with Parker Crockford to learn:      

  • What new CDD and KYC regulation
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marcus evans will host the 2nd Edition Digital Transformation in Wealth Management Conference on September 24-26, 2018 in San Francisco. This conference will provide wealth managers with practical tools for developing a consistent and firm-wide digital adoption strategy allowing them to expand their client base and offerings. Industry experts will assess the best practices for leveraging and scaling robo-advice alongside traditional advice and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new digital cap

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