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Digital Transformation and Leadership


In this week's blog post, we're sharing insights on digital transformation from Helen Fanucci, a Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Team Builder and Strategic Thinker at Microsoft. She is also an Educational Counselor for Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she recruits and interviews the next generation of technology leaders.

Helen has started her career as an engineer, as a graduate from MIT and started working for IBM. She shares, shortly into her career, she has realised that she d

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2018 Insider Threats Report

Today’s most damaging security threats are not originating from malicious outsiders or malware but from trusted insiders - both malicious insiders and negligent insiders. This survey is designed to uncover the latest trends and challenges regarding insider threats as well as solutions to prevent or mitigate insider attacks.

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I recently created my next video tip. It only takes about 3 minutes. However, this one is not about cyber exposure in organization but rather some advice regarding your personal cyber exposure. You can find the post at:

The text copy is below.

Hi, this is Doug Nagan with my second cybersecurity tip.
However this one is not about the cybersecurity of your  organization but rather your personal priva

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Cyber Security Tip - IoT implementation

I have created my first cyber security video tip. The tip involves identifying IoT devices and determining if they are a potential cyber exposure for your organization. If you are interested there is a video page here:

Hope you find it useful. 

Here is the text version:

Our first tip addresses the Internet of Things, or IoT. Iot cyber security is a complex topic because of its nature. IoT implementations are generally done without the overs

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SANS has recently published its annual security awareness report (click on the link for a copy). Key is the concept of ‘security awareness’, which when combined with their Security Awareness Maturity Model provides a pathway to improved cyber security by managing the organizations cyber security culture.

Sound familiar? It should as that has been my message for years and is integral to my approach and courses. All the cyber security technology is worthless if the organizations cyber security cult

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Massive Global Cyber Attack

On Friday, as most of you know, there was a massive global cyber attack that took the form of ransomware. The cost of which is still be calculated.

When you read the articles and analysis several things stand out, which I have been advising you about for some time. The attacks exploited non technical issues. Specifically the all too human behavior that clicks on emails or links that are not secure and not doing updates to key software in a timely manner. All the security technology is helpless if

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Dear Global Risk Community member

Join us at our new webinar     "Cyber Wack-a-mole It is not a game".

Chasing and fixing cyber threats can be depressing, rather like the old 'wack-a-mole' game. No matter how quick you are in knocking down the threat, or mole, new ones appear. We will present a strategy to break the cycle. 

You will still need to fight the cyber threats but you will have a way to become proactive and not be easy prey for the cyber

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The cyber risk landscape is evolving rapidly in a multitude of areas and the potential economic fallout from the threat cannot be underestimated. Advance your knowledge and career with this course.

Governments are facing an unprecedented level of cyber attacks and threats with the potential to undermine national security and critical infrastructure, while businesses that store confidential customer and client information online are fighting to maintain their reputations in the wake of massive

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Connecting the Dots: A Cyber Detective Story

Cyber threat intelligence is unquestionably a hot buzzword in the security industry these days. It is being used to seek venture capital and fund startups. It is being pitched to the enterprise market by providers and consultants. However, in this paper, we argue that the majority of what is being billed as “threat intelligence” isn’t. It’s data. From lists of bad IPs or application vulnerabilities to malware signatures, social media data or indicators of compromise (“IOCs”), none of these thing

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 This paper explores the current state of website security and how you can help  protect critical data and build trust with customers. It begins with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the technology that addresses the  most obvious and oldest problem in online business -the susceptibility of sensitive data in-transit to interception by cyber criminals. 

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