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This is the season when experts gaze into their crystal balls, looking to predict the new trends for the year ahead. When it comes to cyber risk, we’re likely to see existing threats – in particular ransomware and phishing – continue to disrupt businesses on a daily basis. In a recent Apricorn survey, 40% of IT decision makers ranked phishing emails as the top cause of data breaches within their organisation; an increase from 35% in 2021.

While cyber-criminals will pursue the same ‘tried and test

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What is Network Encryption?

Network Encryption is a network security process that uses network transfer layer cryptographic services above the level of data link but below the level of application. Network transmission capacities are Layers 3 and 4 of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), the layers for connectivity and for routing between the two endpoints. Network encryption is invisible to the end user and is operated by any other encryption process using existing network services and applicatio

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“Angst” Against Encryption: National Security and the Surveillance State. The Global Crackdown


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Five Myths Regarding the Paris Terror Attacks



Washington's Blog

Global Research, November 21, 2015

As usual, the politicos and talking heads are all talking their own book, using the Paris terror attacks to push their own agendas.

As shown below, they’re spouting nonsense.

Mass Surveillance Won’t Help

The NSA and other spy agencies are pretending that the Paris attacks show that we need more mass surveillance.

But the New York Times correctly points out in a scathing editorial that mass survei

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 This paper explores the current state of website security and how you can help  protect critical data and build trust with customers. It begins with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the technology that addresses the  most obvious and oldest problem in online business -the susceptibility of sensitive data in-transit to interception by cyber criminals. 
===> http://bit.ly/securityTrust

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