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9885558865?profile=RESIZE_400xThe conventional Business Model for Manufacturing is in the process of

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Key Pillars of Digital Manufacturing Execution

9575523281?profile=RESIZE_400xDigital Transformation in Manufacturing, or Digital Manufacturing for short, is a matter of survival now for manufacturing concerns.  Manufacturing companies desirous of survival have no choice but to hop on the Digital Transformation bandwagon, rapidly.

Business Transformation of any kind is not an easy endeavor.  Change Management of Digital Manufacturing is typically more difficult than any Change or Transformation Program that an organization may undertake.

Forming a strategy to leverage digit

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9564571461?profile=RESIZE_400xDigital Transformation in Manufacturing or “Digital Manufacturing” for short is not an optional decision for companies anymore.  Manufacturing concerns that want to survive have to jump on the Digital Transformation bandwagon hastily.  Digital Manufacturing has become a prerequisite for a profitable existence even for mere survival of a manufacturing concern.

Business Transformation of any kind is difficult—more so when it is a Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.  In fact, Change Management 

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DT2Accelerated pace of technological disruption has forced organizations to change.  It has triggered leaders to think of the ways they must adopt to survive in these challenging times.

Organizations are confronting this scenario by embracing digital technologies.  Traditionally, the focus of the organizations in these Transformation initiatives has remained on speed of change.  To get the most out of their initiatives, they are making drastic changes, to include:

  • Creating Agile Teams
  • Introducing Mobi
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Metadata Classification and Management

data-center2-300x200.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xData and Analytics, today, play a key role in competing with rivals.  Every passing day leads to creation of enormous amounts of data by organizations across the globe.  These huge data lakes often go unused, or are underutilized, by organizations.  This data, if utilized properly, is of great assistance in informed decision making.

Multiple data types and sources generated by discrete systems are often inconsistent, dispersed, and lacking integration, which makes them unworkable.  Such data resu

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Digital Transformation and Leadership


In this week's blog post, we're sharing insights on digital transformation from Helen Fanucci, a Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Team Builder and Strategic Thinker at Microsoft. She is also an Educational Counselor for Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she recruits and interviews the next generation of technology leaders.

Helen has started her career as an engineer, as a graduate from MIT and started working for IBM. She shares, shortly into her career, she has realised that she d

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This is a transcription of our Interview with Helen Fanucci, a Digital Transformation Sales Leader at Microsoft. You can watch the original video interview here or tune in to the podcast episode here, iTunes, Spotify and other podcast apps by searching "Risk Management Show"


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to out interview with Helen Fanucci.

Helen is a Digital Transformation Sales Leader, Team Builder and Strategic Thinker at Microsoft. She is also an Educational Counselor for M

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8578269280?profile=RESIZE_400xToday’s information-based, knowledge intensive, and service-driven economy has forced organizations to make substantial changes to the way they compete.  Changing perspective and responsibility of top management amidst rapid Business and Digital Transformation and the shifting role of HR from being an auxiliary function to that of a driver are some of the dynamics of the evolved competition.

This evolution of Competition has been reached by passing through 3 phases:

  1. Competition for Products & Mark
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11 Pillars: Quality 4.0 Framework

8563874691?profile=RESIZE_400xThe introduction of emerging, digital technologies has ushered in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  To keep the competitive advantage in this era of Digital Transformation, leveraging contemporary technology is an absolute necessity.  Using cutting-edge technology means not just augmenting, but in fact, revamping the whole Quality outlook.

Quality 4.0 is the complimentary Quality approach to the Industry 4.0 era.  Quality 4.0 is about transforming and improving Organizational Culture, collaborat

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Read this article to know more on How Behavioral Biometrics is Paving the Way to Less Fraud, Less Friction and More Functionality.

In This Research, You'll Learn

  • How to balance the need for security and enable a good user experience in the digital channel
  • What are the latest techniques that fraudsters are deploying to attack the insurance sector online
  • What leading financial services institutions are doing about to manage the next generation cyberthreats

Digital Transformation In Insurance I

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How to Measure the Business Value and Success of Your Digital Transformation? Towards new crowd-sourced, holistic and industry-agnostic metrics of strategy execution to improve your 2018 predictions and the success of your digital transformation

The following is a selection of companies that recently consulted SIMMETHOD’s Strategy Execution C-suite and Boardroom Risk Alerts:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Western Ontario, Deutsche Telekom, Twitter, Apple, Emirates Telecommuni

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How To Measure The Business Value Of Your Digital Transformation: Can Industrial Era Metrics Mislead You Into The Wrong Decisions And Failed Digital Transformations?

Towards new holistic strategy execution measure of risk and performance for digital transformations

Over 50% of the “2000-Fortune 500” does not longer exist and according to Cisco’s John Chambers, “probably 40% of today’s businesses will fail in the next 10 to 15 years; 70% will attempt to transform themselves digitally, but only 30%

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