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4 Realms of the Experience Economy


The concept of the "Experience Society" refers to a socioeconomic shift wherein experiences, rather than services or products, are the primary commodities of society.  This concept has been significantly impacted by the works of theorists Alvin and Heidi Toffler.

The Tofflers' analysis of societal transformation facilitates comprehension of the transition to an experience-oriented society by establishing the groundwork.  Their anticipation of the shift towards a knowledge-driven and information-b

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Editor's Note:  Take a look at our featured best practice, Design Thinking - Poster (printable in A0, A1, A2) (1-page PDF document).  Design Thinking poster gives a detailed description of a Design Thinking process.  It is great as introduction to design thinking, an overview of a possible design thinking project, encouraging innovation and design thinking.  Poster presents some typical tools for design thinking: Problem [read more]


Service is a complex, multi-tiered process involving a number of

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12183827681?profile=RESIZE_710xOne of the main cause of most Innovation failures is a lack of understanding of client requirements.

With the abundance of data available today, organizations should have no trouble understanding what their customers want to achieve.  But this is not the case.  In virtually all cases, data is used to find correlations rather than causes.

The Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) Theory assists in comprehending client preferences by concentrating on what drives a purchase.  The JTBD Theory approaches the innovati

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10872793277?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Internet of Things (IoT) combines complexity, Innovation, and accessibility. IoT technology offers businesses countless possibilities despite the industry's unpredictability. It consists of various network-based devices. Extending internet connectivity to objects other than typical devices is part of the Internet of Things. These technologically advanced devices have the potential to connect and communicate online. They are manageable and controllable from a distance.

Network connections incl

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The Internet of Things warrants the delivery of cutting-edge digital services and compelling Customer Experiences. IoT consists of a collection of network-based devices that extend internet access beyond traditional devices. These devices can communicate and interact via the internet and can be remotely monitored and controlled.

IoT devices make use of network connections including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC (NFC). Webcams, printers, routers, Apple Watches and Fitbits, refrigerators, security syst

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10628573858?profile=RESIZE_710xABMs aid in the implementation of the ABM methodology. By utilizing the ABM approach, we can automate and streamline the time-consuming process of identifying target accounts and reduce the effort, time, and cost required to court these prospective clients.

ABM systems facilitate the generation of most qualified leads, creation of customized purchasing journeys, enhancement of lifetime value of customers, and ensuring a robust pipeline of promising accounts. These solutions can be integrated with

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10616373300?profile=RESIZE_710xTraditional B2B marketing typically involves communicating with a large number of prospective customers with the expectation that a small percentage of them will interact with your website and initiate a conversation about your product or service.

Conversely, Conversational Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a proactive and systematic approach to Marketing that leaves nothing to chance. Using a conversational marketing platform, targeted bots, or account-specific advertisements, marketers must init

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6 Value Drivers of IT Redesign

10229021897?profile=RESIZE_400xDisruptive change has put a tremendous strain on organizations and their IT departments.  The capabilities of the IT talent is declining due to inadequate technical education and aging workforce.  Legacy systems and diverse IT applications are frequent across most organizations.  Mergers and Acquisitions have become a norm, pushing vendors to form alliances.  Mobile devices, tablets, and social media have been quite common across employees of almost all organizations.  Cloud Computing and softwa

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10 Hidden Strategic Opportunities

opportunity 2Potential opportunities always surround leaders.  It is up to them to pounce on those or regret overlooking them, when someone else takes advantage of them.

Leaders’ personal beliefs and assumptions often clash reality.  The trait is categorized as “confirmation bias” in Psychology, where individuals pick the data that supports their existing opinions and approaches and doubt information which defies their mindsets.  Leadership needs to develop themselves to the level to consider the slight hints

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Merger and Acquisition Growth Strategy

9105813273?profile=RESIZE_400xMergers and Acquisitions enable numerous opportunities for growth.  Organizations pursue these initiatives for a number of reasons—e.g. to expand further, attract more clients, or to broaden their product / service offerings.  Scores of M&A transactions materialize across the globe each year, but not all of them achieve the synergies such deals promise.  As a matter of fact, the success ratio is just around 27%.

The M&A Growth Framework is a structured approach to enhance the odds of a successful

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Customer Experience (CX) Pyramid

Most organizations aren’t ready to deliver great Customer Experiences across all channels.  Many of them have invested heavily in conventional methods of doing business, backed by in person or over-the-phone customer experience.  This has led to creation of siloed operational structures within companies, where each silo operates individually.

With the advent of digital channels, these organizations set out to use and proffer their services via digital channels.  They did this by creating discrete

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8673855276?profile=RESIZE_400xMarketing, these days, is shifting towards developing great ideas and creating customer experiences that consumers discuss further in their circle.  The focus of the marketing effort is on building a brand image.  To supplement this organizations need to develop a culture that lives the brand.

Top brands have been built by communicating their message to the most loyal customers who then shout it out to their friends and a chain starts making the brand a known name.  Leading brands, today, strive

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