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Different phases of organizational development exist.  Some reach maturity and then decline with time, whereas others simply vanish during the initial phase.

However, few businesses are able to avoid bankruptcy and sustain long-term growth.  They continue to amaze consumers with their innovative products and services.  They accomplish this by devoting resources, investment, time, and effort to the development of novel ideas, testing and cultivating these ideas, and discarding obsolete products.


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12201520472?profile=RESIZE_710x Today’s competitive environment calls for unique approaches to win customers.

 Following the identification of a consumer category, organizations need to determine which customers to target and how.  It is necessary to agree on the full scope of the customer job, including their underserved and overserved needs. Now is the moment for Leadership to consider and choose the most suitable strategy required for market success.  It is time to determine whether it is necessary to add a new feature to

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12183827681?profile=RESIZE_710xOne of the main cause of most Innovation failures is a lack of understanding of client requirements.

With the abundance of data available today, organizations should have no trouble understanding what their customers want to achieve.  But this is not the case.  In virtually all cases, data is used to find correlations rather than causes.

The Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) Theory assists in comprehending client preferences by concentrating on what drives a purchase.  The JTBD Theory approaches the innovati

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A business is sustainable if it continues to grow. However, it is hard for any business owner to estimate the firm's growth in a year or during a certain time period. Likewise, it is challenging for leaders to imagine the following scenarios:

  • How much growth does their company require?
  • Should sales growth or margin expansion take precedence? How can the two be reconciled?
  • How can true growth be achieved?

Sustainable growth necessitates a Capabilities-driven Strategy (CDS) as opposed to conventiona

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