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The 3C Model was introduced in 1982 by organizational theorist and Japanese Strategy expert Dr. Kenichi Ohmae. This concept was expounded upon in his book entitled "The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business."

The Ohmae 3C model, also known as "the Strategic Triangle," assists in developing the fundamental components of the Business Strategy of an organization.

Ohmae's viewpoints emerged from his comprehensive understanding of the international business landscape and his substa

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In the 1980s, Michael Porter emerged as a notable proponent of the market-based positioning methodology as a means to achieve strategic competitive advantage.  As technology advances, there is a heightened level of competition, workplace cultures evolve, and employees acquire greater expertise in crafting exceptional value propositions.

A multitude of scholars and researchers have put forth alternative frameworks in an effort to achieve Profitability and sustainable competitive advantage.  Rumel

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Making choices under pressure is challenging.  There are a variety of techniques and answers for difficulties, depending on the circumstance. When making judgments, a tailored approach is required, which should help avoid making a mistake with irreversible consequences.

The Cynefin Framework is a paradigm to help in making reasonable decisions in changing settings.  It is a systematic way for understanding complex topics and making decisions.  The model does this by looking at potential features

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Control and direction emanate from the top of conventional organizational structures and management practices.  These structures and procedures become obsolete and unable to adapt to the volatility of the market. Inadequate and sporadic communication between the various divisions of the organization is another problem with this traditional hierarchy.

Innovation and the external environment have an ever-increasing impact on businesses. Stafford Beer, a British operations research theorist and cybe

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Decision Making is essential to any organization's success.  Military strategists use their training and experience to create battle plans and make quick decisions aimed at achieving specific objectives.  Military strategies, concepts, and practices have found widespread application in business and daily life.  The works, memoirs, and experiences of renowned military historians and strategists, such as Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," Clausewitz's "On War," and Liddell Hart's "Strategy," are highly

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Managing Change in Crisis and Uncertainties

10950591680?profile=RESIZE_710xIn prosperous economic times, organizations enjoy a cordial and relaxed environment. The confidence range for error tolerance is rather big. There is no imminent need to change corporate procedures or business models due to external factors. Prior to making decisions, people like to take the time to carefully study and examine significant facts and situations.

Good times are characterized by:

  • A proactive and logically tranquil setting.
  • Executives of all ranks considering the larger picture. Both sh
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Data Governance is essential for establishing a data-centric, insight-driven organization. Governance is currently a major issue for senior management as a result of public outrage over data privacy, the reputational harm caused by data leaks, and strict legislation.

In the absence of a thorough Data Governance Strategy, the everyday accumulation of huge volumes of data can result in regulatory or professional challenges. A Data Governance Strategy is the first step toward better data capabilitie

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10310709879?profile=RESIZE_400xAt all levels of a corporation, key decisions have to be made quickly. This is particularly critical at the strategic level, when senior executives are expected to have an exceptional talent for systematic and organized decision-making. However, this is not simple, and there is also no clear path to follow.

There is a plethora of studies and thought leadership around formulating and implementing strategy—but little on maturing into a leader with exceptional judgment abilities. Chief Executive Off

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3 Strategic Thinking Games for Decision Makers

Str Games2Organizational leadership can draw on 3 Strategic Thinking Games to master Business Strategy and apply in varied scenarios and organizational structures.  The Strategic Thinking Games provide Decision Making models for senior executives to choose from and use as per the situation.

The Strategic Thinking Games are based on mathematics and statistics, particularly Probability Theory, and exhaustive research into the Business Strategy realm.  Probability Theory is actually a branch of mathematics th

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4 Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Lead1Evaluation and onboarding of outstanding leaders is anything but straightforward.  Almost all organizations have set up testing mechanisms or assessment centers to distinguish senior leadership candidates having traits that make up for Exceptional Leaders.  These assessment centers shortlist leaders based on certain indicators and criteria.

However, these assessments are not always accurate in predicting the best leaders.  At times, the entire evaluation exercise results in drafting mediocre lead

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The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on people’s health, lives, and societies. Lots of us have felt worried about the coronavirus pandemic, and everyone will feel differently about the changes to lockdown restrictions.

If you have lost a job as a result of COVID-19 we would like to offer you free full access to RISK AWARENESS WEEK 2021 to continue learning and improving your risk management and decision making skills for when the economy recovers and new opportunities arise.

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9253825882?profile=RESIZE_400xDo people always follow a rational linear process to come to a decision?  Studies have suggested that a combination of Decision Making Models are used by people to reach quality decisions.

Strategic Decision Making is a complex process with a lot riding on those decisions.  Eliminating risk from Decision Making is unthinkable but radically enhancing chances of success is a realistic goal.

In making Strategic Decisions, executives tend to rely only on those Decision Support Tools they know best.  T

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9020351661?profile=RESIZE_400xA traditional Value Chain involves a linear sequence of activities—from conversion of raw materials into components which are assembled into products.  The products are then distributed, marketed, sold, and serviced.  Management plans and execute strategies and operations based on this sequence.

This set of activities worked well for organizations in the past.  However, this linear progression does not encourage Innovation and provides little protection from the risk of being outperformed by riva

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8971202493?profile=RESIZE_400xHow do people make decisions?  Do they always follow a rational linear process to come to a conclusion? 

Studies have suggested that the traditional Decision Making model—commonly known as the Rational Decision Making Model—does not explain the whole ambit of Decision Making.

People, including managers of organizations, arrive at decisions using a variety of routes.  Experts suggest that there are at least 3 Decision Making Models that work in consonance to make the best decisions.  The 3 Decision

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RCA and Risk

Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process of finding the event or condition that leads straight to an occurrence (another event). It is a systematic procedure used to identify the principal possible cause of risk. In risk-based management, root cause analysis (RCA) is more useful in predicting future events.

RCA is no longer a hindsight technique of investigation but a forward-looking one. It still relies on previous experience, statistics, and more heavily on data correlation. We are

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