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11134142271?profile=RESIZE_710xIn today's Knowledge-Based Economies, the capacity to acquire and implement knowledge is crucial for both personal and economic success.

Knowledge acquisition and application can be divided into 4 basic categories.  Each category of knowledge represents a distinct aspect of knowledge: Know-what, Know-why, Know-who, and Know-how.

The importance of knowledge work to the success of an organization has grown in recent years.  The struggle between competing organizations has shifted from tangible to in

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4 Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Lead1Evaluation and onboarding of outstanding leaders is anything but straightforward.  Almost all organizations have set up testing mechanisms or assessment centers to distinguish senior leadership candidates having traits that make up for Exceptional Leaders.  These assessment centers shortlist leaders based on certain indicators and criteria.

However, these assessments are not always accurate in predicting the best leaders.  At times, the entire evaluation exercise results in drafting mediocre lead

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Roles Played

It’s interesting how so many things scale in unison. In large organisations there is often talk about silos. But silos exist in small organisations as well. Even for my organisation of three. Me, my EA, Paula and my Relationship Manger, Wendy.

And as you and I know, enterprise risk management is a great tool for breaking down silos. Helping the left hand to know what the right hand is doing through well designed, integrated performance and risk reporting.

And so last week we did some enterprise ri

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