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Leadership qualities are the most important trait for anyone starting out a career or aiming to climb the corporate ladder.  The foundation of any successful business is strong, skilled leadership.

Leaders who can work with a diversity of personalities and behaviors are more likely to establish an effective workplace.  They must be able to interact with employees in ways that raise their levels of engagement and foster a climate that values sharing knowledge and working together.

The level of emot

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Making choices under pressure is challenging.  There are a variety of techniques and answers for difficulties, depending on the circumstance. When making judgments, a tailored approach is required, which should help avoid making a mistake with irreversible consequences.

The Cynefin Framework is a paradigm to help in making reasonable decisions in changing settings.  It is a systematic way for understanding complex topics and making decisions.  The model does this by looking at potential features

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Decision Making is essential to any organization's success.  Military strategists use their training and experience to create battle plans and make quick decisions aimed at achieving specific objectives.  Military strategies, concepts, and practices have found widespread application in business and daily life.  The works, memoirs, and experiences of renowned military historians and strategists, such as Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," Clausewitz's "On War," and Liddell Hart's "Strategy," are highly

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11027130453?profile=RESIZE_710xA number of business professionals choose independent consulting over corporate employment each year. For them, a career in independent consulting means a flexible schedule, the opportunity to be their own boss, and the fulfillment of their complete potential. For some people, independent consulting involves utilizing their genuine skills.

Independent consultants provide consulting services independent of a consulting firm. They utilize their own experience to assist an individual or organizatio

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Behavioral Change: Key Forces at Play


There is a common structure or pattern to problematic circumstances.  Most problems consist of three primary components:

  • The Problem State
  • The Solution State
  • The Solution Path

The Problem State refers to "what is," the Solved State refers to "what should be," and the Solution Path refers to the Transformation necessary to close the gap between the two states.  The Solution Path is a way of shifting from the Problem State to the Solution State through particular activities when faced with a problem.


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Solving issues, particularly complicated ones, requires not just accurate problem formulation but also an organized method to supplement it.

Structured Problem Solving is merely an iterative sequence of formulating hypotheses and evaluating them via controlled experiments that has been adapted for the complexities of the real world.

Structured Problem Solving is a formal, logical, and systematic technique to arranging the thought processes of humans.

To assist us solve an issue in an organized mann

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10482149263?profile=RESIZE_400xManaging any organization may be characterized as a perpetual stream of problems that must be controlled and resolved.  However, individuals frequently choose to rapidly implement solutions without first taking the time and making the effort to fully comprehend and assess the nature of the situation at hand.

Thus, organizations invest a great deal of time, effort, and money without knowing precisely how the exercise will benefit them.

The demand to precisely identify the organization's most impo

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Lean Product Development & Innovation

Lean1Improving Product Development competencies in designers and developers is a concern for senior leaders in the Manufacturing sector.

The approach most organizations take in developing Human Resources does not go beyond staffing the cream of the crop from leading global educational institutes.  Talent Development to them is, typically, sending their people to attend workshops and keeping up with employee annual training hours’ goals, and that’s it.  Companies usually spend more on acquiring latest

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8916404456?profile=RESIZE_400xUnderstanding others has a lot to do with collaboration, performance management, and building effective teams.

Developed by Taibi Kahler in the 1970s, Process Communication Model (PCM) is a prominent psychometric tool for individual and team development.  The main utility of the PCM model is in understanding others’ personality types, discovering one’s own personality, and personifying others’ personality types to have better relationships.

PCM allows the executives to understand others’ needs, in

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8721604279?profile=RESIZE_400xProblem Solving is a fundamental life skill indispensable for survival of an individual.  It is honed in every person to varying degrees.  It is especially a useful skill to embody Leadership Development.

Problem Solving skill can be taught and learnt.

MIT defines Problem Solving as:

The process of identifying a problem, developing possible solution paths, and taking the appropriate course of action.

Problem Solving is a process that can be approached using various strategies but each Strategy usual

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