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A business is sustainable if it continues to grow. However, it is hard for any business owner to estimate the firm's growth in a year or during a certain time period. Likewise, it is challenging for leaders to imagine the following scenarios:

  • How much growth does their company require?
  • Should sales growth or margin expansion take precedence? How can the two be reconciled?
  • How can true growth be achieved?

Sustainable growth necessitates a Capabilities-driven Strategy (CDS) as opposed to conventiona

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4 Steps to Jumpstart Compliance with CMMC

Is your business in the supply chain for the Department of Defense? Or another government entity?

Last year the Department of Defense (DoD) rolled out the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). The DoD will require CMMC certification from supply chain companies that make up the defense industrial base.

As legal and compliance professionals, you will be responsible for understanding and enforcing the new DoD security regulat

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8591481276?profile=RESIZE_400xCut-throat competition in industries has driven companies to find ways to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.  To accomplish this, most companies have skillfully endeavored to streamline Sales, Operations Planning, Forecasting, Inventory Management, and Logistics.

One area that has still not grabbed industry’s attention is out-bound Supply Chain Managemen–from packaging to final delivery.  Companies generally neglect Supply Chain simply because they do not consider it their core competency.

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8588246254?profile=RESIZE_400xWarehousing costs at most firms are extraordinarily higher than they ought to be.  Across the world, organizations spend around €300 billion annually on Warehouse Management.  With the boom in online retail stores and the increasing complexity of Supply Chain Management, this spending is going to surge further.

The leadership at these organizations understands that they should spend less on Warehousing operations, but is not aware of the real costs associated with it.  Most leaders are unable to

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8534714694?profile=RESIZE_400xCompanies looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs can gain significant ground in the Supply Chain Management function by incorporating Lean Management and Six Sigma techniques.

Reason this area has gone under the radar is that companies do not consider Supply Chain to be their core competency.

Not only Warehousing but Transportation also has almost the same potential in terms of opportunities for Cost Reduction and Process Improvement.  The approach to Transportation Costs Reduction, though

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This is a transcription of our interview. You can watch the original interview here


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Jared Connors. Jared is a senior subject matter expert corporate social responsibility at Assent Compliance, which is the world’s leader in supply chain data management. Jared, thank you for taking your time coming to our interview today.


Jared: Thanks for having me, always a pleasure Boris.


Boris: Thank you, this is our second interview wi

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This is a transcription of our interview with Jared Connors.

You can listen to the original interview via the following link


Boris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Jared Connors. Jared is a senior subject matter expert Corporate Social Responsibility at Assent Compliance which is worlds’ leader in supply chain data management. Deloitte recently named Assent as one of North America’s fastest growing companies. Jared, thank you for taking your time and coming to our

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