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12201520472?profile=RESIZE_710x Today’s competitive environment calls for unique approaches to win customers.

 Following the identification of a consumer category, organizations need to determine which customers to target and how.  It is necessary to agree on the full scope of the customer job, including their underserved and overserved needs. Now is the moment for Leadership to consider and choose the most suitable strategy required for market success.  It is time to determine whether it is necessary to add a new feature to

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10 Rules for Cost Reduction

10953726100?profile=RESIZE_710xCost Transformation is a challenge that a firm must confront several times during its lifetime.  Effective and lasting Cost Transformation affords organizations the chance to alter their whole direction.  It may result in the sale of existing enterprises, even if they are successful, in the event that they do not align with the Strategy or the company's most distinctive capabilities.

Of late, Activist Shareholders are increasingly driving such Transformations.

Activist shareholders are investors i

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Site Selection -- 5Cs of Site Selection

9833684489?profile=RESIZE_400xSite Selection is the practice of choosing a new facility location. It involves measuring the needs of a new project against the merits of potential locations. The practice became popular during the 20th century, as operations of many organizations expanded to new geographies on a national and international scale.

Selection of sites has been known to have taken place due to factors such as:

  • Best required skills being available in a particular city.
  • Setting up in an off-the-trail location because al
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8591481276?profile=RESIZE_400xCut-throat competition in industries has driven companies to find ways to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.  To accomplish this, most companies have skillfully endeavored to streamline Sales, Operations Planning, Forecasting, Inventory Management, and Logistics.

One area that has still not grabbed industry’s attention is out-bound Supply Chain Managemen–from packaging to final delivery.  Companies generally neglect Supply Chain simply because they do not consider it their core competency.

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8543198671?profile=RESIZE_400xReorganization becomes essential at some stage in the lifecycle of any organization.  In order to emerge triumphant through this tumultuous challenge, it is necessary that the focus remains on the challenges impeding the organization, thorough Strategic Planning  to tackle the challenges, and prioritizing strategic initiatives to deliver effective Business Transformation.  Strategic Restructuring has the capability to deliver these results.

When the word “Restructuring” pops up, the foremost idea

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8534714694?profile=RESIZE_400xCompanies looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs can gain significant ground in the Supply Chain Management function by incorporating Lean Management and Six Sigma techniques.

Reason this area has gone under the radar is that companies do not consider Supply Chain to be their core competency.

Not only Warehousing but Transportation also has almost the same potential in terms of opportunities for Cost Reduction and Process Improvement.  The approach to Transportation Costs Reduction, though

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