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In our June review of the biggest IS incidents, we will explore recent incidents where one single click has stopped the operations of an entire company, sales managers provided hackers with client information, and data from the largest companies was leaked.


What happened: Snowflake, the largest cloud service provider, fell prey to a cyber attack.

How it happened: Unidentified actors attacked Snowflake and obtained data on the company’s customers. The exact number of victims is still unknow

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We have compiled a monthly roundup of high-profile IS incidents that were reported in May. The latest issue includes details about vengeful employees and contractors, leaks at the world's largest companies  and unpatched vulnerabilities.


What happened: Dropbox Sign e-signature platform fell victim to a cyberattack.

How it happened: unknown attackers managed to compromise the Dropbox Sign service account and use it to gain access to the platform's internal automated syste

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Traditionally, by the end of the year we ask our analysts to share the most memorable incidents of the past year. So, in the final digest of 2023, we’ll tell about stealing corporate secrets, putative labourers, genetic information leaks and very vindictive employees.


What happened: Santa Clara NVIDIA employee accidentally revealed source code of the product by his previous employer’s company during a video conference with former colleagues. Now NVIDIA is facing accusa

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On 30 November, Data Protection Day is celebrated around the world. Every year the task of data protection becomes more and more critical both for businesses and users themselves. In this November digest we gathered interesting and illustrative incidents related to data leaks, fraud and hacks.

A phishing incident 

What happened: Hilb Group was hit by a phishing attack that resulted into leak of 80,000 customers’ personal and financial data. 

How it happened: On 2 November, Hilb Group Operating Comp

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From now on our solution SearchInform Risk Monitor ensures control of employees’ activities in Jira and Confluence project management software by Atlassian.

About the solution: SearchInform Risk Monitor (RM) is an internal threat mitigation and insider risk protection solution, that controls your maximum quantity of information channels as well as featuring built-in analytical tools. The system conducts a real-time analysis, identifying every ongoing event within a network and mitigating insider

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6 Value Drivers of IT Redesign

10229021897?profile=RESIZE_400xDisruptive change has put a tremendous strain on organizations and their IT departments.  The capabilities of the IT talent is declining due to inadequate technical education and aging workforce.  Legacy systems and diverse IT applications are frequent across most organizations.  Mergers and Acquisitions have become a norm, pushing vendors to form alliances.  Mobile devices, tablets, and social media have been quite common across employees of almost all organizations.  Cloud Computing and softwa

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