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We have compiled a monthly roundup of high-profile IS incidents that were reported in May. The latest issue includes details about vengeful employees and contractors, leaks at the world's largest companies  and unpatched vulnerabilities.I DIDN'T…
Jun 3
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From now on, the DCAP system is capable of performing analyzis of documents, stored in clouds by connecting to them via the WebDAV protocol.
SearchInform FileAuditor enriched the number of supported sources for content analysis and file…
May 17
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It's time to share our traditional monthly roundup of major IS incidents. In May's edition, we'll reveal: the case of an unscrupulous medical company; accidental data leak caused by the SaaS vendor; consequences of the India's largest electronics…
May 14
SearchInform and Robert Wilson are now friends
May 14
SearchInform posted a blog post
From now on the DCAP-system is capable of classification vulnerable data kept on PCs with Linux OS.SearchInform has launched the DCAP class system FileAuditor for Linux. From now on, IS experts can control any data storages, deployed in the…
Apr 24
SearchInform posted a blog post
 The updated design and functionality of the next-gen DLP-based Risk Monitor’s user interface will facilitate the interaction between employees and specialists of the Information Security Department. User interface of agent in the recent version of…
Apr 15
SearchInform posted a blog post
In April, we traditionally ask our Leading Analyst Sergio Bertoni to share his selection of funny, ridiculous and silly IS incidents.This digest issue includes: an office paper thief, a museum exhibits sale on eBay, an AI-generated playlist and an…
Apr 11
SearchInform posted a blog post
With information security threats on the rise, vendors release a slew of data protection solutions. Sergio Bertoni, Lead Analyst at SearchInform suggests following 4 steps to choose the one easily and avoid mistake.The proportion of information…
Apr 10
SearchInform posted a blog post
From now on, the DCAP system enables to redistribute access rights in one click and restricts files’ use and transmission.SearchInform team has implemented more convenient functionality for managing access rights in the FileAuditor DCAP system. This…
Mar 21
SearchInform posted a blog post
In our traditional monthly digest, we've gathered a bunch of recent information security incidents. In February's edition, we’ll reveal, how with the help of deepfakes intruders managed to steal millions of dollars from a multinational company’s…
Mar 1
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Feb 26
SearchInform posted a blog post
Thai beverage company, the major drinks and tea producer deployed SearchInform’s DLP to eliminate internal threats to information security.   Ichitan had a request for a data leakage prevention system that would enable the company to classify…
Feb 8
SearchInform posted a blog post
Author: Sergio Luis Bertoni, the Senior analyst at SearchInformApproximately half of all data leaks happen accidentally. However, the possible harm, caused by employees’ accidental actions isn’t limited to the exposure of confidential data. Sergio…
Feb 5
SearchInform posted a blog post
The time has come to reveal, what happened while we were on New Year's holidays. In this latest digest we discuss a selection of IS incidents that the media reported about in January. The set includes details on: mass leak of medical data; hijacking…
Feb 1
SearchInform posted a blog post
Traditionally, by the end of the year we ask our analysts to share the most memorable incidents of the past year. So, in the final digest of 2023, we’ll tell about stealing corporate secrets, putative labourers, genetic information leaks and very…
Dec 26, 2023
SearchInform posted a blog post
Sergio Bertoni, Lead Analyst at SearchInform, shares his thoughts and predictions on the key trends in information security for the year 2024.
Dec 25, 2023

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