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8028335301?profile=originalChanging industry ecosystems and competition today demand from the organizations to undergo strategic shifts.  The purpose of a company is undergoing Business Transformation from serving the interest of shareholders to serving all stakeholders that influence the organization.

Shareholders are often considered the only stakeholders that invest in a business.  Senior management needs to be cognizant of the importance of shareholders as well other stakeholders who create value for the organization. 

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Whether an organisation realizes it or not, it is competing for a place in the future. It can sit back and let itself be overrun by events, act in a crisis manner to deal with rapid or unexpected changes or it can prepare itself. Create a state of readiness because as Arnold Glasow has said, ’The only problem with the future is that it is usually here before we are ready for it!’ How do you get ready?

How do you create an enduring organisation that stands the test of time, rapid change, unexpecte

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Stakeholder relationships can be complex and full of surprises and hence a perfect space for risk to simmer and sometimes erupt. Perhaps the single most important aspect of stakeholder relationships that sets them apart from other challenges you face is the extremely far reaching effect a poorly managed relationship can have. One minute you can be the flavour of the month and the next there can be a domino effect where first one customer finds you to be off-colour and the word gets out and next

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Getting Real About Reputation Risk

Why should organizations be concerned about Reputation Risk?

As the world become more and more networked, more and more companies are exposed to a changing set of vulnerabilities. The landscape of risk has changed. No longer can any country or organization ignore the
happenings of 911, Bali and London.

In this new world, incidents can damage a good reputation purely because an organization can take too long to act decisively with problems. For instance a reputation damaging incident can become inte

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