Dr. Ted Marra posted a blog post
Inspire, Enable, Engage, Empower Your Workforce as Never Before and take your Leadership Team toward Becoming Strategic LeadershipDr. Ted MarraProfessor Dr. Emeritus, Strategic Leadership, Cotrugli Business SchoolSr. Partner, Insights ParadigmsThe…
Feb 2, 2018
Dr. Ted Marra posted a blog post
For those readers of Part I and possibly some new readers as well, I hope that this article continues to add value and provide a different perspective – one through the eyes of a frontline employee.I believe it is worth noting some of the activities…
Jul 23, 2017
Dr. Ted Marra posted a blog post
I can already sense what you’re thinking! The last thing we need is another article on cultural or organisational change! Please, give us a break! Certainly I know all too well the number of consulting organisations out there like Senn-Delaney and…
Jul 17, 2017
Dr. Ted Marra posted a blog post
    Taking the “Mystery” Out of What Employees Really Want Overview: What are “Simple Truths”? They are this writer’s attempt to capture the essence of what is most important based upon some 39 years of evidence across more than 30 countries and 150…
Jun 29, 2017
Dr. Ted Marra posted a blog post
Whether an organisation realizes it or not, it is competing for a place in the future. It can sit back and let itself be overrun by events, act in a crisis manner to deal with rapid or unexpected changes or it can prepare itself. Create a state of…
Feb 24, 2017

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