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Why you want a Copy of your Medical Records

After receiving medical treatment, many people never look over the paperwork (save for bill total) and just shove it into some folder in a file cabinet. But medical identity theft is very much out there; know the signs:

  • You’re denied coverage because you allegedly have a condition you were never diagnosed with.
  • A collection agency is hounding you about unpaid medical bills you never had.
  • Your credit report shows medical collection notices.
  • The bill is for treatment you didn’t receive.
  • Your health car
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Educators reacting to campus emergencies have a new ally. Crisis360, a web-based and mobile application suite for Apple, Android and Windows devices, allows universities to rapidly communicate critical information to ensure safety and maintain business continuity.
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Social Media for Security and Risk Management Professionals

Everything you NEED to know



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Social media is a growing influence on businesses and executive management.

Do you know they key issues affecting your business and how social media plays a role? 

This webinar is aimed at security and risk managers to help them quickly understand the issues, concerns and opportunities that social media presents.

The session will cover:

  • What social media really is for businesses
  • The big ones to be
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Managing Business Travel Risks and Crisis


If you know that business travel is not without its risk and the potential for crisis, then you need to read this article.build_puzzle_bridge_pc_400_clr-300x182.png?width=300

In this article we are going to talk about the management and containment of crisis as it relates to travellers and travel managers.
The objective of this article is to share with you the collective knowledge on managing crisis and significantly improve your ability to identify and manage a crisis but also improve your busin

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