Automatic labeling machine has substituted the need for various tasks to be handled by the labor force. The emerging automated machine enterprises have realized that labor expenditure has been greatly reduced. This can be predominantly attributed to the fact that the machinery can efficiently perform other labeling techniques except for the operating part. Labels play a major role in the life of a packaged product. Labeling is also important to the process of packaging the item. If you are unable to label a package, you are unable to identify or ship a product, and you might even be prohibited from selling a product in most industries.


What is an automatic labeling machine?

The automatic labeling machine technology dispenses, applies, or prints different types of labels on various products, containers, items, and packages. Also, it can be regarded as equipment which attaches paper covers, packages, labels or information on boxes, bottles, etc. The existing products of the market are of two kinds; these include removable labels and non-removable labels. Furthermore, there are several kinds of labeling equipment available in the market today. The industrial labeling machines usually come with simple to complex designs. While some machines have more functionalities, some might have just a few.

Despite the complexities, at the end of the day, an industrial automatic labeling machine is an inevitable requirement that meets your unique performance specifications. Automatic labeling machine is majorly used for a high capacity production. The machine comes with a conveyor belt which moves and places the product for labeling. The machine is useful for accurately placing the label on a product. It also allows for either full or partial labeling. In case of a change in diameter during labeling, the machine automatically adjusts accordingly. If you need something that can handle bulk packaging, then a fully automatic labeling machine is the perfect solution.

How has the automatic labeling machine technology stormed the packaging sector?

There have also been remarkable advancements in recent years in electronic label design, shrink sleeve image distortion, and digital front end formats, among others. These advancements are now rapidly moving into brand owner supply chain management. The offset presses have continued to have a dominant place in the installed base of label presses for many years. Reason being, there are several long runs and types of work that haven’t suited to digital printing. As quality and performance continue to improve, inkjets will undoubtedly become a longer-term market leader. Hybrid conventional and inkjet presses will find a booming market parallel to the stand-alone digital presses. Everything has now become more automated, and technology, software and IT skills are becoming more and more of a necessity.

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5 revolutionary trends driving the automatic labeling machine market:

  1. Beverage packaging trends

According to reliable reports, there is an upcoming trend in the packaging industry for beverages that are affecting the market outlook of packaging material from 2017-2021. The advancements and innovations towards lightweight packaging material, which is sustainable and environmentally pleasant. The current labelers and automatic labeling machine technology are being designed to address these emerging trends in market requirements.

  1. The magic of die cuts

Die-cutting is the cutting action of a die press. In this process, a die is pressed into a material, like a folding carton board or corrugated board for packaging or leather. The material it cuts makes it into the shape outlined by the die. With traditional conventional packaging methods, the content usually went hidden. However, modern designers are trying to use die cuts in new ways while designing a creative label. Die cuts are being extensively used in several ways. The process is different from mimicking a brand’s logo, creating beautiful patterns, or forming a humorous shape. Die cuts help in showing the product interestingly and appealingly.

  1. Eco-friendly packaging

You can call it environmentally friendly, natural, viable, and biodegradable, etc. But whatever you want to call it, you can't deny that going green with packaging design is coming into fashion and will remain for quite a while. The best thing about this is that it has a beneficial effect on our surroundings and saves companies a lot of money. It's sort of a win-win situation. And with designers finding exciting and innovative methods to make green packaging more prevalent, we're sure to see this trend on the market.

  1. Illustrations used as narratives

There's a narrative behind every label design. People are searching for and cherishing those tales they feel close to. The label designs have now begun to integrate some narrative illustrations. Currently, a label developer must be conscious of the recent practices. This style is incredible as it can move you into a universe of fantasy and as you can see many designs on the market that have incredible illustrations. These illustrations have the power to convey a powerful message and bring you in a pleasant globe.

  1. Simplicity and clarity is the king!

The upcoming trend is the trend of basics. It has been assumed that the emerging version of keeping it simple, bold, and clear will be more expressed and compelling to the customers. When brands reduce the elements that are being used in package designs, it would accelerate the products as long as it depicts the point across. The fast-paced world of today is not giving shoppers the time to study every product label available in the market. It is, therefore, better than brand owners and marketers stick to the essential aspects and make sure that they are helping customers in making an informed choice. When the label design is clean and effective it will make the product look impressive.

Automatic Labelling Machine: Summed Up

The automatic labeling machine market is maturing at a breakneck momentum. It seems that 2019 will be an exciting year for designers, and while rapid developments are coming in, it feels like outdated trends are coming back as well. Sustainability has been essential in the labeling and packaging industry for some moment, but it has become even more crucial lately as customers are more conscious of the effect of waste. People have come to expect the products they buy to be excellent corporate citizens and to be fully transparent about the sustainability of the product itself, and about the labeling and packaging. The upcoming trends in the labeling industry would boost the global automatic labeling machine market at a market growth of 5.2% CAGR over the years to come.

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