Automotive software is the soul of the automotive industry. The vehicle industry as a whole has seen a lot of advancement in the last few decades. You can easily trace the changes that took place in the vehicle industry. In this industry, It is very important to cope up with the new technology to stay in the industry. Otherwise, customers will shift to other brands.

The vehicle industry has a rising graph in terms of technological advancements. Automotive software is an impressive and smart up-gradation for all the cars, which makes them smart cars. From the smart dashboard to the Bluetooth connectivity, everything has changed a lot in the past few years.




Automotive software used for in-vehicle embedded systems. It plays a vital role in the better safety system, control system, and other car systems. This software is a computer-based in-vehicle application, which helps the cars to communicate with the drivers. Therefore, these automotive software-based cars help the car owners to utilize every advanced technology without adding to the cost.

What actually 'Automotive Software' is?

The auto industry uses automotive software in an optimum way for a very long time. However, there are many factors that helped in the rising demand for automotive software. Automotive software refers to the embedded vehicle system software that included infotainment, body control and comfort, telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), powertrain, communication, and safety.

The software not only modified the dashboard display but also ensured the safety and operational system for the vehicle. New cars have more advanced features for your better driving experience with automotive software. It increases the functionality of the car without any additional cost. It also makes sure that the driver has more protection, control, and advanced system for smooth and safe driving.

Automotive software is a composed set of instructions that assist the customer to interact and execute the control system of the car. Moreover, the use of the open-source platform, and standardization of the product, lower down cost of application. This software helps the user to experience the best and advance technology in their car budget.

Bifurcation of the automotive software

The automotive software can be bifurcated under different heads. The below-mentioned subheads classified the automotive software market into many different groups based on certain parameters, which are as follows:

Based on applications

Automotive software has many applications in the vehicle industry. However, it totally depends on the type of vehicle, whether it is a heavy vehicle or light vehicles. Thus, a few of the applications are mentioned below:

  1. Vehicle Management & Telematics - It allows the user to track a vehicle, especially used in the HCV and LCV.
  2. ADAS & Safety Systems - It helps in reducing accidents and provides an advanced safety system to the user.
  3. Biometrics - Biometrics allows the user to access the car through the mobile app or the sensors in the car.
  4. V2X (Vehicle to everything) - It allows the car to communicate to anything that can affect the car or may get affect by the car.
  5. Infotainment System - It is the combination of entertainment and information systems like music, navigation display, etc.
  6. Powertrain System- It is a system that converts the engine power into the movement of the vehicle specially used in electric vehicles.
  7. Body Control & Comfort System - It controls the power windows, power doors, interior lightings, etc. in the car to make it comfortable for the user.

Based on Vehicle type

There are different categories of vehicle that uses automotive software for different purposes. So, the categories of automotive software based on the types of vehicle are:

  1. Passenger cars - These cars are the normal ones, which contain automotive software to provide a smooth and lavish driving experience for individuals. However, the automotive software in these cars varies from the other category.
  2. Electric Vehicles - Automotive software plays a crucial role in electric vehicles as it allowed in V2G (Vehicle to Grid) system, charging management, and battery management of the electric vehicle.
  3. HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles) - These vehicles are mostly used in the transportation process of heavy or bulky goods. The automotive software helps the HCV to detect the overload, managing the traffic through screens and cameras, etc.
  4. LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) - This includes vehicles like trucks that have less capacity than HCVs. Automotive software allows the LCV users in better braking systems, controlling systems to avoid accidents and many more.

To Conclude

Automotive software has changed the game of the vehicle industry. It allows vehicle users to experience better driving features that add up to the quality. So, we can say that it is one of the most important parts of the auto industry. It helps in managing the vehicle in a more advanced way through features like ADAS, safety systems, control systems, etc.

However, the demand for automotive software is rising due to the rising demand for automated and electrified vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, and many more.

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