Could Green Tea Finally Be the Cure for Pancreatic Cancer?

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Dr. Rakesh K. Srivastava is an accomplished entrepreneur and is the CEO and President of GLAX Health LLC.


— Dr. Rakesh K. Srivastava’s Research on Green Tea and its Ability to Cure Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is an organ behind your stomach responsible for secreting pancreatic juice. During digestion, enzymes from pancreatic juice break down fat, proteins, sugar and starch. Another key function of the pancreas is the production of hormones. Pancreatic cancer causes the cells to multiply rapidly, forming a tissue mass, which can be benign or malignant. Keep reading this article to learn about the new treatment options for this dire condition.

The bitter truth about pancreatic cancer

For the longest time, scientists and clinicians have experienced difficulty detecting pancreatic cancer in its early stages. By the time the patient gets a diagnosis, it is almost too late to start treatment. Ultimately, healthcare providers can only manage the symptoms. This is a hard pill to swallow for many scholars like Dr. Rakesh Srivastava, who would like to develop more effective ways to detect and treat this condition.

Further studies on new treatments for pancreatic cancer

Apart from late detection, the search for new treatments for pancreatic cancer was further fueled by the fact that this deadly disease is extremely resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Researchers have compared the progressions between precancerous lesions, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasias and pancreatic cancer cells. The results showed that the first two were easier to detect and more manageable than fatal pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Rakesh K. Srivastava runs a biochemistry lab funded by NCI, which presents promising leads from a particular epidemiological study. He observed that natives of Japan and China drink copious amounts of green tea daily. Surprisingly, inhabitants of these regions report the lowest cases of stomach and prostate cancer worldwide. Dr. Srivastava was intrigued by these findings and decided to dig deeper.

Green tea as a potential anti-cancer beverage

Green tea contains a polyphenolic component known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. Scientists have confirmed that EGCG effectively reduces the risk of developing cancer. Dr. Rakesh created an oral dose of EGCG and experimented with mice to determine whether the polyphenolic compound works against PanINS and ultimately test its preventive effect on pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Srivastava states that 90% of invasive carcinomas depict a high expression of the K-ras gene, which mutates during the development of PanINS. His studies reveal that EGCG in green tea inhibits the alteration of this metabolic pathway. Dr. Rakesh further explains how pancreatic cancer cells, in their early stages, undergo a series of cycles. EGCG can interfere with this proliferation process, therefore demonstrating some preventive properties.

Cancer cells have found a way to evade apoptosis, which eliminates unwanted cells from the body. Through his study of apoptosis, Dr. Rakesh has discovered an effective way of inhibiting the property in cancer cells that causes them to evade this crucial process.

One of the advantages of using green tea as an anti-cancer beverage is that the protective effects on the body are redundant. Besides possibly preventing cancer, green tea has many other benefits, including improved brain function, prevention of type 2 diabetes and increased fat burning.

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