Empowering Agriculture: The Growth of Agrivoltaic in Israel Market

Israel Agrivoltaic Market is Probable to Grow at a CAGR of 71.23% During the Forecast Period of 2024-30

The practice of producing crops beneath solar panels is referred to as agrivoltaic farming. It is a setting where both solar panels & crops are in an advantageous position since they help each other to thrive and perform well. In a recently published research report, MarkNtel Advisors stated that the Israel Agrivoltaic Market size is likely to record a CAGR of approximately 71.23% during the forecast period, i.e., 2024–30.

The major factors propelling the growth of the Agrivoltaic Market in Israel include the intensifying apprehension for food security & the increasing necessity to expand the agricultural sector further to satisfy the requirements of the country’s population. Moreover, the ability of agrivoltaics to enable the farmers to produce crops & create income by producing energy in the agrivoltaics is also a major factor aiding in its growth.

Moreover, Israel counts among the countries having a deficiency of self-reliance in the agricultural sector. It is highly dependent on food imports from other countries to attain its demand for food and also lacks arable land, thus pushing the country to opt for innovative methods & approaches such as agrivoltaics. The demand for agrivoltaics is intended to further intensify in Israel given its ability to fulfill the need for demand and supply of energy as well as food production in the country.

Link to Download Israel Agrivoltaic Market Report Free Sample - https://www.marknteladvisors.com/query/request-sample/israel-agrivoltaic-market.html

Analysis of the Israel Agrivoltaic Market Segmentation

  • By Placement (Standalone, Shading Nets, Greenhouse, and Others (Solar Fence, Solar Window, etc.))
  • By Cell Type (Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline)
  • By Crop Collaboration (Vegetables, Fruits, Crops, and Others (Herbs, etc.))
  • By Type of Solar Panel (Opaque, Semi-Transparent, and Transparent)
  • By Power Output (Upto 10 KWh, 10.1 to 50 KWh, and More Than 50 KWh)
  • By Regions (East and West)

The highest market growth was exhibited by Monocrystalline cells in the past years. The capacity of the monocrystalline cells to provide quite effective and innovative facilities to attach & transform a high proportion of sunlight to produce maximum power is the major factor propelling its growth. Moreover, monocrystalline panels provide functional and effective working at constantly changing high temperatures and are more effective than Polycrystalline cells. Also, Israel is a country with having high-temperature variation setup, leading it to opt for monocrystalline cells since they are capable of functioning efficiently in hot climatic variations thus aiding the growth of monocrystalline cells as well as the Agrivoltaic Market in Israel.

In terms of placement, the Greenhouse segment is likely to capture a considerable market share. The hot and humid climate of Israel makes greenhouse agrivoltaic a favorable alternative in the country since it controls and conduct the temperature and humidity for the production of crops. Moreover, the efficiency of greenhouse agrivoltaics is higher than shading nets and standalone agrivoltaics regarding water consumption since they reduce evaporation and the necessity for widespread irrigation, thus helping in water conservation and solving the problem of water crisis in Israel. With all these aspects, the demand for greenhouse agrivoltaics is likely to escalate further boosting the overall market growth in the forecast period.

Top Competitors Retaining a Robust Stance in the Israel Agrivoltaic Market

Some of the major companies in the Israel Agrivoltaic Market include Enel Green Power, Engie, Teralight Solar Tech, SolarEdge, Sun Agri, Doral Energy, Trisolar, Trina Solar, Agri-light Energy System Ltd., BayWa r.e., and others. These competitors aid in giving an overall boost to the market.

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