Free risk analysis/management app released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

18 February 2011

Citicus, a corporate risk management and compliance specialist, has released a risk analysis/management app for the iOS range of Apple devices – the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The firm says that it hopes that the unique app – which is offered for free – will offer simple way for decision-makers to identify the potential business impact of their organisation's assets and processes being disrupted.

The app – Citicus MoCA – is billed as being easy to use and "enables a wider range of stakeholders to discover, assess and highlight the relative importance of their information resources, supplier relationships, products, sites and any other types of asset or process they depend on."

In use, the app allows users to assess what is at stake in relation to a particular asset – e.g. a system, site or supply of goods or services – by identifying the maximum credible loss an organisation could suffer in a worst-case incident.

This approach, claims the company, is efficient, business-oriented, yields useful results and is widely used when considering the risks posed by large-scale engineering works and environmentally-sensitive projects.

"Moreover, it has been successfully applied by Citicus customers to many thousands of assets over the last decade", says the firm.

Once installed, the app is said to analyse 11 types of harm: financial loss; depressed share price; key targets under-achieved; number of staff-hours wasted; key records not up-to-date or accurate; reputation eroded with customers; negative publicity; regulatory action; litigation; aborted initiatives or missed deadlines; and other issues such as injury or death.

These types and their severities, are then displayed in each layer of the 'harm spinner', and are said to reflect in-depth research into the actual harm caused by incidents in Citicus' records, and have been employed widely over the last decade.

To encourage feedback on MoCA, Citicus says that it plans to award prizes every three months, to the best feedback. Entry is free, and the firm adds that it plans to publish winning entries, "sanitised if necessary", by agreement with their originators.


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