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Ready to drink tea and coffee products are witnessing significant demand across the globe. These products are a subcategory of soft drinks, conversely, the function of these drinks differs. The various types of ready to drink tea and coffee products have been introduced into the market sphere to meet the wide-ranging consumer base. They are packaged and sold in a prepared form and are ready for consumption. Several nutraceutical ingredients are added to augment the product offerings. Ready to drink tea and coffee offer nutritional advantages along with ensuring good taste. These beverages are available in different kinds of packaging, which include, glass bottle, canned, PET bottle, and aseptic cartons.

The increasing health concerns like obesity portray the rising consumption of carbonated beverages which typically comprises of high calorie attract a major concern among people. As a result, people now tend to opt ready to drink tea and coffee. Another reason for its global-wide popularity is the fast-paced lifestyle. The fast-paced lifestyle and the desire and trend of staying fit are attracting people towards consuming ready to drink tea and coffee.

Ready to Drink Coffee

The rapid evolution of the coffee industry is making coffee a widely varied beverage that can be seen in many forms. Nowadays, coffee drinkers have numerous choices, ready to drink coffee is one of those choices. It is a growing segment within the global market space and serves as a pathway into countries that usually enjoy tea.

Ready to Drink Tea

Ready to drink tea is recognized for improving digestion and delivering instant energy. It can be enjoyed as a cold as well as a hot beverage. Hot beverage includes one the most vital component of the contemporary diet, green tea. Consumers appreciate cold beverages like iced tea as a thirst-quencher accompanied by a wellness factor that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time without needing to be brewed. Numerous and varied tea concepts offer high-quality natural tea delight. Ready to drink tea is beneficial for health especially in Asian countries.

Benefits of Ready to drink Green Tea

According to recent studies, sipping on ready-to-drink tea like green tea enhances memory. Traditionally, green tea impact on cognitive function was speculative. However, upon layers of improvements, the increased connectivity within a human brain was clearly visible after consumption of green tea. Not to mention, ready to drink teas that contain green tea extract, increase connectivity in parts of the brain and enhances the performance of the memory as well. Antioxidants of ready to drink tea can penetrate the tissues of the eyes and generate antioxidant activity.

Unsweetened ready to drink tea typically has absolutely zero amount of calories. Although directly this cannot be counted as a health benefit, it still makes it much more beneficial as compared to a soda or other carbonated drinks that are sugar-heaped. Each time such drinks are reduced, the world moves a step ahead towards becoming a non-diabetic and healthy society.

Industry Trends

Over recent years, ready to drink tea and coffee market have become diverse, moving away from their outdated forms and variants. Ready to drink tea and coffee are now being introduced to new flavors, textures, and packaging. There have been significant functional enhancements like weight management and relaxation. The appeals of ready to drink tea and coffee have been broadened to please the wide consumer base. These beverages have proven to be beyond merely a passing trend and emerged as a new fundamental in beverage choices across the globe. Ready to drink tea and coffee will evolve perpetually with exotic flavors and refined offerings.

According to KBV Research, a thriving market research company, over the next four years, the global market for ready to drink tea and coffee might grasp a market worth of $135 Billion, while bourgeoning at a CAGR of 8.4%. The growing demand attributes to the available wide-ranging varieties and an extraordinary range of choices which are being offered in each respective category. Furthermore, people prefer low sugar drinks over carbonated drinks, this has further contributed largely to the consumer shift over non-carbonated drinks. Thereby, helping in fuelling the market of ready to drink tea and coffee.

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