What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure can be considered as a cloud platform that gives infrastructure, manage administrations, and whatever else you may require for your business applications. It is appropriate for organizations that need to use cloud servers, and who need to utilize a huge array of smart services to work at large scale and less expenses than on-premises at your location.


The business world is moving to the cloud. Cisco gauges that by 2021, 94% of outstanding burdens will be handled by cloud server farms, and the current Covid-19 pandemic is just quickening the change. Associations are centered around recruiting laborers who can help work out their online procedure on stages like Microsoft Azure and keep their association running easily.

Services of Microsoft Azure

Virtualization methods are used by Azure on a tremendous scale at Microsoft Data Centers in the entire world and it offers around 600 services. Microsoft records more than 600 Azure services of which some are explained below.

Computer Service:

  1. Virtual machines : Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) permitting customers to launch broadly useful Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines, and preconfigured machine pictures for well-known software packages.
  2. Sites : Azure Web Sites permits designers to build and manage websites utilizing ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or Python and can be deployed utilizing FTP, Git, Mercurial, and Team Foundation Server or uploaded through the user gateway. This contains one part of the platform as a service (PaaS) contributions for the Microsoft Azure Platform.
  3. WebJobs : Applications that could be deployed to an App Service condition to execute the processing of background and that can be invoked on a particular time, on request, or run constantly.


  1. Azure Active Directory is utilized to synchronize on-premises directories and empower single sign-on.  
  2. Azure Active Directory B2C permits to utilize buyer identity and management access in the cloud.
  3. Azure Active Directory Domain Services is utilized to join Azure virtual machines to a domain without the need for domain regulators.
  4. Azure data protection can be utilized to secure sensitive data.

Storage Services:

  1. Storage Services gives REST and SDK APIs for secure storing and getting to information on the cloud.
  2. Table Service lets programs store organized and structured content in sectioned collections of elements that are accessed by partition key and primary key. It's a NoSQL non-related database.
  3. Blob Service permits projects to store unstructured content and binary information as blobs that can be accessed by an HTTP(S) path. Additionally, blob service gives security systems to control access to data.
  4. File Service permits storing and access to information on the cloud utilizing the REST APIs or the SMB protocol.

Machine learning:

  1. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) administration is an essential part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite that empowers predictive investigation and collaboration with information utilizing common language and speech through Cortana.
  2. Cognitive Services (previously Project Oxford) can be considered as a set of SDKs, APIs, and services that are easily accessible to engineers to make their applications smarter and more engaging. The services incorporate face recognition and check, celebrity recognition, computer vision, visual component tagging, and clipart recognition.

Internet of Things:

  1. Azure IoT Hub allows you to connect, screen, and oversee billions of IoT resources.
  2. Azure IoT Edge is a completely managed service based on IoT Hub that permits for cloud intelligence delivered locally on IoT edge gadgets.
  3. Azure IoT Central is a completely managed SaaS application that makes it simple to associate, screen, and oversee IoT resources at scale.


  1. Events Hubs, which give event and telemetry entrance to the cloud at a huge scale, with low inertness and high quality. For instance, an event hub can be utilized to follow and track information from cell phones, for example, a GPS area coordinates in real-time.
  2. Queues, which permit one-directional correspondence. A sender application would send the message to the administration transport queue, and a beneficiary would peruse from the queue. Although there can be numerous readers for the queue but just one would handle a single message.
  3. Topics that give one-directional correspondence utilizing a subscriber design. It is like a queue; however, every subscriber will get a copy of the message sent to a Topic. Alternatively, the subscriber can filter through messages dependent on explicit standards characterized by the subscriber.
  4. Relays, which give bi-directional correspondence. In contrast to queues and topics, a relay doesn't store in-flight messages in its memory. Rather, it just passes them to the application which is the destination.

Data Management:

  1. SQL Database, known as SQL Azure Database in the past, attempts to make, scale and expand applications into the cloud utilizing Microsoft SQL Server innovation. It also incorporates with Active Directory and Microsoft System Center and Hadoop.
  2. Azure Synapse Analytics is a completely managed cloud data warehouse for organizations of any size that consolidates lightning-fast inquiry performance with industry-driving information security.
  3. Azure Data Factory is a data incorporation service that permits the formation of data-driven work processes in the cloud for arranging and computerizing information movement and information transformation.
  4. Azure Data Lake is adaptable data storage and analytic service for enormous information analytics workloads that need designers to run hugely parallel questions.
  5. Azure HDInsight is a major data relevant service, that deploys Hortonworks Hadoop on Microsoft Azure, and supports the production of Hadoop bunches utilizing Linux with Ubuntu.
  6. Azure Stream Analytics is a Serverless versatile event processing engine that empowers clients to create and run real-time analytics on different streams of data from sources, for example, gadgets, sensors, sites, social media, and different applications.

Future Outlook

Owing to large and massive applications in different sectors, the demand of Microsoft Azure experts will be going to reach a peak in the next few years.

SkillXS IT Solutions covers Microsoft AZ-300 courses in depth which can be accessed online easily. IT experts who hold expertise in such courses have prepared these courses keeping in mind the job aspects. Obligations regarding this job incorporate advising partners and making an interpretation of business requirements into secure, adaptable, and solid cloud solutions.

SkillXS IT Solutions shows you the path that will help you to master the Azure. This path covers the fundamentals that a Solutions Architect on Microsoft Azure should utilize Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform for a task. You'll figure out how to deliver and arrange cloud infrastructure, execute worklads and security, architect solution, make and deploy applications, execute confirmation, secure information, and develop for the cloud. Microsoft Azure is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing demands.

So, book your seat today and become a job-ready expert in a few months. Even if you don’t wish to take the Microsoft Exam, these courses by SkillXS IT Solutions and first-hand experience will assist you to get a deep understanding of how to architect various Azure services.

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Above all, the average salary of a certified Microsoft azure engineer is 10 Lakhs per annum in India. Therefore, Microsoft azure offers lucrative career opportunities and it is estimated to grow more in demand in the next few years.


An aspirant for this course ought to have advanced understanding and information on IT tasks, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, recovery from disaster, data platform, budgeting, and administration-this job ought to oversee how choices in every area influence an overall solution. Microsoft Azure prepares you for meeting the current challenges in the field of IT. It can be predicted that the usefulness and applications of Azure will grow more and more in the years to come.

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