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You're invited to CISO Live Europe 2021, the leading virtual summit for cyber & information security professionals will be broadcasting live on 29-30th June 2021.

As a Global Risk Community subscriber, we're thrilled to offer you a complimentary VIP guest pass to attend the upcoming online event including access to the On-Demand recordings post-event. 

Hear from the most successful CISO's, senior InfoSec executives & risk leaders in Europe. With 40 expert speakers confirmed and over 20 exclusive interactive sessions that includes Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, Interactive Roundtables, Speaker Meet & Greets and more.

2021 Confirmed Speakers Include:

Ingrid Dyer
Chief Security Officer,

AXA Global Re & AXA Liabilities Manager

Raj%20Badhwar%20(8).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(8).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(8).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(8).png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (8)" width="110" align="middle" />

Lee Whatford

Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland

Raj%20Badhwar%20(2).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(2).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2).png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (2)" width="110" align="middle" />

Stephen Owen

esure Group

Urmas Aamisepp

Information Security Risk Manager


Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-3.png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-3.pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-3.png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-3.png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (2)-3" width="110" align="middle" />

Keith Nicholson

Head of Cyber Threat & Vulnerability


Raj%20Badhwar%20(7).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(7).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(7).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(7).png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (7)" width="110" align="middle" />

Tessa Pereira

C5 Capital

Raj%20Badhwar%20(4)-3.png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(4)-3.pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(4)-3.png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(4)-3.png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (4)-3" width="110" align="middle" />

Lee Howard

Head of IT Security, Risk & Shared Services

N Brown Group PLC

Raj%20Badhwar%20(6).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(6).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(6).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(6).png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (6)" width="110" align="middle" />

Philip Edwards
Director, Global Head of Security,


Raj%20Badhwar%20(3)-3.png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(3)-3.pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(3)-3.png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(3)-3.png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (3)-3" width="110" align="middle" />

Chris Lightfoot

Head of Risk & Compliance

Belron International

Raj%20Badhwar%20(4).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(4).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(4).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(4).png 220w" alt="Raj Badhwar (4)" width="110" align="middle" />

Naveed Islam


Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-1.png?width=200&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-1.pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-1.png?upscale=true&width=400&upscale=true&name=Raj%20Badhwar%20(2)-1.png 200w" alt="" width="100" align="middle" />

Joyce Rodriguez

Head of Cyber Threat Prevention


_0694%20-%20CISO%20Live%20EU%20-%20SPEAKERS%20HOME%20(6).png?width=220&upscale=true&name=_0694%20-%20CISO%20Live%20EU%20-%20SPEAKERS%20HOME%20(6).pnghttps://www.coriniumintelligence.com/hs-fs/hubfs/_0694%20-%20CISO%20Live%20EU%20-%20SPEAKERS%20HOME%20(6).png?upscale=true&width=440&upscale=true&name=_0694%20-%20CISO%20Live%20EU%20-%20SPEAKERS%20HOME%20(6).png 220w" alt="_0694 - CISO Live EU - SPEAKERS HOME (6)" width="110" align="middle" />

Glen Hymers
Head of Data Privacy & Compliance

Cabinet Office

Key Discussion Points include: 

  • What’s Next for the CISO Role and How can you Adapt to Thrive?
  • Operational Technology Cybersecurity – A New Headache for CISOs?
  • Data Governance, Security Threats, and What's In Between
  • Anatomy of a Risky Vendor - Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • Is Cyber Risk All Part of Wider Business Risk or Should it be Considered Separately?
  • What methods do you use to communicate cyber risk to those with a non-technical background?
  • How do you Ensure that the CISO, CSO, board members and the wider organisation are on the same page with regards to the organisation’s tolerance for risk?
  • How can you Prepare for the Growing Frequency and Magnitude of Attacks in a Time of Increasing Uncertainty? 

View the full 2021 Agenda and full expert speaker line-up online. Registration for this exclusive event is now open; we encourage you to sign-up whilst passes are available.


I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the CISO Live Europe 2021 Virtual Summit.


Emma Brookes

Conference Director

Corinium Global Intelligence

E: inquiries@coriniumintel.com

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